July 27, 2019

5 ways your business can improve your well-being

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It’s no secret that running a business online can deplete our energy and leave us feeling a little insecure from time to time but I’ve found that the real key to truly enjoying your life and business – and improve your well-being – is based in how well your business is taking care of you.



Working on social media advertising our businesses, growing our audiences and building a community all whilst completing the to do list and taking care of the family can take its toll.

Continued scrolling can leave us with comparison, insecurity, anxiety, feeling inadequate and as though we have so much more to do in our businesses than we actually do.

Compound all of those emotions and over time we can end up feeling empty, burnt out, unsure of where we’re going or what we’re doing let alone considering how to improve our well-being.

So what if instead of going through that rollercoaster on a daily basis you could work in a way that built up your confidence, your self trust, your creativity and helps you connect to yourself and your vision of what you want to create with your business or in the world giving you a much more simplified and direct route to getting there?

So much more nourishing right?

Sound too good to be true?

It’s really not and the best news is that it only really takes a few tweaks until your business really can work to improve your well-being.



Here are 5 ways your business can improve your well-being:







Read on for more…


1 .  Build your self trust


This one has to be the most challenging for most people strictly because consistency can be something that can feel difficult but if you’ve experienced feeling a little less sure of your direction, whether what you’re doing is working, whether you’re doing the right thing for yourself or your business then this little trick will serve you well.

One of the main things that depletes our self trust is not sticking to something but if you want results, if you want to create change consistency really is key and the main thing we need to be consistent with in this instance is our commitment to ourselves.

When we commit to what it is that we say we’re going to do without fail we nudge ourselves forward to doing it.

And this creates a feeling of fulfilment, of achievement, of pride and joy – so obviously it’s quite an addictive thing to get into which can improve your well-being no end.

When we don’t do what we say we’re committed to it goes the other way, we get disappointed with ourselves, feel as though we’re flailing in the wind, that we’re not good enough and this can spiral into self doubt, anxiety, procrastination and a lack of momentum and results, not something that cultivates our sense of well-being.

So the key here to building self-trust is to commit to doing what you say you’re going to do.

I can hear you asking ‘but what if I have a ton of things to do its going to be impossible to commit to it all’ and I hear you.

But that’s why there are 4 more tips below that will help you simplify your working practice and get what truly matters done.

2 .  Build your confidence


Confidence comes from clarity, clarity gives us the courage to move forward, to take actions and make progress towards our goals or our vision.

But the challenge can come from finding clarity in the first instance right?

This is why I advocate having a daily routine (morning preferably but for busy mama’s out there – daily still works really well!) this helps you connect to your desires, reminds you of your intentions for the bigger picture, helps you align with what you want to create, focuses the mind, calms the nervous system, puts you in a proactive state and gives you the clarity you need to build momentum. Certainly sounds like the foundation that will improve your well-being right?

Lets think about this practically – we have on average between 65-80,000 thoughts a day so let me ask you, how many of your thoughts are focused on the end result? Or is it more likely you think more about the challenge of the task at hand?

Without keeping in mind what it is we are working towards it can be so easy to get stuck in the challenges of procrastination, a full to do list and social media which can deplete our confidence taking us further away from where we want to go and further into experiencing what we don’t want instead.

If we commit to doing what we say we’re going to do, what we know we need to do to move the needle forward, if we have clarity over what that is going to do for us, over where it is we’re headed we can move ahead and build the confidence in ourselves that we’re doing great and making progress.


So connect to your vision daily – remind yourself what you’re doing, where you’re headed, why you want it and what difference that will make in your life and commit to doing the needle movers and you’ll build your confidence in your self and what you’re doing in no time as well as improving your well-being.


3 .  Nourish your state of mind


You may be wondering how your business can improve your state of mind when the most likely experience we all have of our businesses is the feeling of exhaustion! We work so hard when we’re passionate about something so we really need to be mindful of working on our well-being at the same time.

Setting boundaries in your business will help you overcome overwhelm, reduce your task list, reduce stress, prioritise what’s important, build self esteem and create a more streamlined working process as well as increasing your confidence and connection to your self and improving your ability to perform at a higher level.

I know – it’s a lot right? That’s why it’s so worth implementing.


So how do you set boundaries?

  • Firstly have a look at your business (and your life too) and ask where it is you’re doing things that you feel you ‘should’ do?
  • Then ask what it is that you know moves the needle forward in your business and creates results?
  • Now write down where it is from those two lists that you’re spending the majority of your time?


Got it? 3 questions – one reduced to do list.


We’re creatures of habit so naturally you will feel reluctant to drop many things on your list – you don’t want to let other people down, you don’t want to seem as though you’re being selfish BUT if you truly want to create the life you really want and be able to enjoy it – it really does help to set boundaries and be ok with 1) not doing all the things and 2) saying no.

Setting boundaries allows us to stay true to our own path, to be intentional over our actions and consistently move torwards what we want. Not having boundaries see’s us taking care of everyone else’s needs leaving little energy left for you and your well-being.


4 .  Cultivate your health


It’s no secret that our moods, emotions and thoughts affect our health. And I’m sure you can see the benefits from all the points above that work collectively to improve your well-being, your energy and your momentum towards what you desire for your life and business.

So how does that affect our health?

You can probably already guess that raised energy, heightened emotions and cultivating a feeling of freedom, confidence and clarity feels great in your body.

The physical benefits are endless too: we’re able to get out of fight or flight mode, calm our nervous systems, re-balance our hormones and chemical state, move from a place of ease, feel more alive, utilise our biology to optimise our energy and performance and boost our immune system, this all results in better sleep, greater focus, more productivity and better results.

Mmm, feels so good to just think about having all of those things right?


I’m all for keeping things simple so to support the points above here are a few tips that you can implement to benefit your health too:

  • sleep well
  • drink lots of water
  • move your body regularly – try not to sit for long periods of time
  • set blocks of time to complete tasks
  • take regular breaks
  • eat a healthy diet


Think about those times when you’ve felt really tired, chances are then your energy drops, your mood drops, your thoughts become more negative and before you know it you’re wishing you could just go back to bed and nothing gets done.

I know – these things really do seem like common sense but as Brendon Burchard says: “Common sense is not often common practice.” These foundational principles really do make a heck of a difference.


5 .  Increase your enjoyment of life


It sounds a little weird doesn’t it – stating that your business (practice – not the income from it!) can increase your enjoyment of life and perhaps just the fact that it does is why we need to move towards working in a way that does serve us a little more!

But having read the points above I’m sure it’s clear to you how you benefit both psychologically and physiologically from implementing these tips into your working practice.

Insecurity and burn out are epidemics in our society at present but they don’t have to be.

Implementing a well-being practise into your life and business isn’t just a preventative measure it’s a way of reclaiming your power to affect your results, your personal growth, your business growth, your income and the amount of joy you can experience as a result.

It’s pretty darn magical and works not only emotionally making you feel happier, more focused and more alive, but physically – improving your energy, relaxing your nervous system, your hormones, your state of being, your health and all of that goodness filters not only into your business and productivity but is reflected in your income, your creativity and your relationships too. And implementing it is easier than you may think.

I truly believe that every single business owner should protect not only their well-being and health (physical, mental and emotional) by using the foundations of these practices – but protect their businesses, relationships and income with it too.


Lastly if you find any of these above tips challenging there may be something creating a barrier between where you are now and where you want to be so don’t forget to reach out to me (or anyone else that may be able to assist you) to help you clear that effectively and permanently so you can move ahead into improving your well-being and enjoying your life, work, business and future so much more.

Or if you really want to create lasting change so you can enjoy your work and life more this link will get you there – fast and with zero fluff involved.


All love,

Burnout is an epidemic for small business owners but your work doesn\'t have to deplete your energy or your confidence. Heres 5 ways your creative business can improve your well-being as a female entrepreneur so you can enjoy your life more. #bosslady #businesstips #wellbeing #mumpreneur

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