You are the answer

We have a primal heartbeat, an urge to be seen, to be accepted, to fit in, to be heard, admired, to be loved.

We look externally for those things, for validation, for acknowledgement and let’s face it, sometimes, many times, we fall short, we feel denied and a quiet sinking fills our chests.

For many of us we’ve come to live here from time to time, in that depth, in that low residing space of doubt, of insecurity or disappointment that perhaps he isn’t for me, perhaps this business won’t work, perhaps it’s my fault, analyzing, longing, wanting to make sense of everything that’s going on outside of us.

But what if the person who really needs to see you, is you?

What if what we really need to make sense of is internal?

What if in your quest to find the right puzzle piece, the answer to the unrest you feel in your soul, the fidget that you feel within your body - you’re not hearing the answer to your call because you’re not listening hard enough?

Our souls don’t shout, they whisper, our wisdom so gentle in comparison to the crashing noise of the world outside it takes tuning in to hear our call, to connect to the intuition of what is right for us, what will work for us, what we know is for us.

We focus too often on what it is that we think need to do that we forget that we came here to be.

And it’s in being that we find the gap, the silence, the space to straddle dimensions, paradigms, to escape even time and connect whole heartedly with our selves.

It’s in being that we’re able to hear the whisper, the clarity, to feel the knowing, the racing heart, the solidity of knowledge that finally, this, this is right.

 And that echo fills your soul.

It’s a vibration of yes-ness, it’s a giggle, its light, it’s the full hearted love that holds you, that supports you that fills your hands with that raw, juicy energy, that succulent gratitude.

It’s gentle, a sigh, an inhalation of life and to feel so alive.




So what if in your quest to be seen, the person who really needs to see you – is you?

To uncover, connect, to translate, to align, to soften, step aside and to really dive.

You want to hear the voice, the wisdom, the guidance, you want the answers, the yes’s that are going to connect you, take your business to the next level, to help you feel full, whole, alive and spreading your song across the world?

Allow yourself time to stop, to cut off, to just be, to peel back the layers that uncovers your truth and allows you to step into the divine.

It’s all within you.