January 10, 2019

Creative blocks: what to do when you’re feeling stuck

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How to get unstuck


Creative blocks, we all get them but the real question is: what to do to if you’re feeling stuck and how the heck do we get un-stuck and get back into momentum, into flow, into cultivating creativity, back to being productive and feeling as though you’re actually accomplishing something with the energy you’re putting into your business.


There’s one really important thing about blocks (creative blocks) and feeling stuck: if you’re feeling stuck mentally or emotionally, chances are you are you’re stuck physically too.

In other words there is something in your body, in your mind, in your being – that is stopping you from moving forward.

And whatever that is that’s creating this feeling of being stuck, this experience of being blocked – it’s because it wants you to take notice of it.

Believe it or not – it actually wants to show you what to do if you’re feeling stuck, how to move forward again and get unstuck.

The language of our bodies is a gentle one, our intuition, our guidance, our health all benefits from a quiet nudge in the right direction which we can only really sit up and take notice of if we’re aware or looking for it.

A slower pace, a quieter mind can all help with that but lets face it is hard to consistently cultivate in todays really busy lifestyle.

But whatever it is that is there is there for a reason – as an invitation.

Now you have two choices here, you can either dig really deep and figure out what it is that’s causing you to feel stuck, blocked and creatively challenged or you can carry out the steps below to get back to yourself and begin to gain clarity again.

Personally I’d recommend doing both because once you have something in your mind or body that is obstructing your path forward unless its addressed it will keep coming up again and again – often resulting in sabotage and that’s not something we want to see regularly coming into your life or business.


Here are 5 ways to blast through it.



Journal, talk to someone, identify what’s present for you, unravel whatever is lurking in there, acknowledge it and work through it.

We hide our feelings about things so much of the time that even we don’t notice when we’re doing it and we hold this tension in our bodies.

Our physical tension, circulation of hormones and chemicals create new neural networks in our bodies and brains and if repeated often can result in us feeling exhausted, blocked, burnt out and our momentum and productivity becomes challenged.

Its so important to figure out if there is something lurking that may cause you to sabotage, to procrastinate, to distract yourself from what it is you’re wanting to do or create and move that shit out of the way so you can press on with more important matters.

Unsure where to start?

Journal: you can use these questions as prompts.

  • What am I feeling?
  • What am I experiencing?
  • Why am I feeling stuck?
  • What’s present for me or what do I continuously think about?
  • How is that placing pressure or stress in my body?
  • What can I do to remove that pressure or stress?
  • What would help me move forward?

And bingo – you’ve just self diagnosed the problem and the solution BUT I can’t press enough how important it is that you’re honest at this point. Even when journaling we can sugar coat things, pretend we’re ok, have this thought in the back of our minds that we’re writing for someone else to see and don’t get real and honest but my friend – this is THE place for real and honest so don’t be afraid to get down and dirty – just don’t judge yourself for it.


How to get unstuck




You got it. Physically move.

If you’re experiencing feeling stuck or blocked mentally, emotionally, creatively then somewhere within you something is stuck so move it.

Get your booty moving to your favourite song, walk, dance, do your favourite type of exercise, get jiggy with your partner and get your juices flowing just whatever you do MOVE.

Through movement we circulate energy in our bodies, we also circulate hormones, chemicals, emotions and thoughts.

If you want to get into a different state: MOVE YOUR BODY.

I usually get the best business ideas, downloads or content ideas right after or during taking a walk or a swim so not only is the exercise doing my body good, its also clearing my energy to channel creativity, it’s clearing any residual thought, embodied memory or energetic ick allowing me to feel tons better and productive in my health and business at the same time (another time saving hack brought to you by a busy mama who loves nothing more than to cut out the crap and get straight to the good stuff – did anyone else out there get a little more impatient when they had children? ).




Cultivating your creativity can be one of the most effective ways to get tapped in consistently.

It’s a daily practise (but don’t worry if you miss a day we’re all about removing pressure here) that will clear your mind, remind you just how abundant you really are and how infinite your access to creativity really is.

How do you get started? Meditate. Meditation will help you clear and quiet your mind, calm your body and become an open channel to receiving.

Yep, I know I recommend meditation in just about every blog post that I create but that’s because it’s the most accessible way for you to access your mind, your subconscious mind and your higher self without needing a therapist, a coach or a psychologist to help you – and it can be as simple as paying attention to your breath by counting, slowing and listening to it.

That’s not to mention that it helps you get in touch with your self, with your soul, with your body and mind, with your heart, with your creativity and begin to become more self sufficient, more aware, open hearted, open minded, relaxed, refuelled and ready to take on the world whist silencing all the noise that hinders your mind and path forward.




Nothing that is forced ever grows. Apart from tomatoes (sometimes!).

I know bad analogy but what I’m trying to say is that when we have stress or place pressure on ourselves we increase resistance and by doing so we decrease the amount of ease, flow and creativity we’re able to experience.

And yes of course I know how hard it is to remove pressure when you’re focused on being creative, achieving a goal, meeting a deadline or making an income BUT when you give yourself grace, when you allow yourself the space and trust to co-create with the universe, God, your higher self – whatever you believe in – you create the space to remove the resistance, the forced outcome and to be that channel that creative energy needs to be able to flow freely.

So how do you practically remove pressure?

Figure out what’s necessary on your to do list, figure out where you need to set new boundaries, figure out where the pressure is coming from, figure out exactly what is going to move you forward to where you want to be and whether that correlates with what you’re spending your time on and then give yourself permission to ONLY do what is necessary for you to feel good, refill your cup and move your business forward.

And to all you mama’s out there – yes, this can be done around your family time too because essentially its cutting out the crap, doing the important stuff, removing the obligations and making space to become more time effective.




What you focus on grows.

Whatever it is that you’re thinking about or have lurking below the surface needs to be released. Yet if you think about it, work on it too much, keep replaying the same old feelings or memories it will grow and could eventually become a block to your progress in life not just a creative block in your energy or momentum in business.

So distract yourself.

Yes I whole heartedly agree with uncovering what it is and working it all out but at the same time, getting out of your head, into your body through movement and getting back into the energy of pleasure, of joy, of something other than thinking about how stuck or blocked you are forces movement.

If your mind isn’t stuck on it, if your body isn’t stuck on it, you’ll begin to move too.


So there you have it – 5 ways to get unstuck or clear a creative block. Thinking of giving it a go? I’d love to hear how you get on so keep me posted won’t you?

If you’d like to take things a step further you can download this cheeky little exercise that will show you the next step to make to create big ripples in each area of your life and business.



How to get unstuck

Knowing what to do if you\'re feeling stuck can seem impossible, often resulting in chasing ourselves in circles of overwhelm. Here are 5 ways to holistically use your biology so you can get into creative flow, find your authentic brand voice, grow your creative business and enjoy your life more. #creativeentrepreneur #businesstips #personaldevelopment #wellbeing #mentalhealth #creativity

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