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Hello, My name is Kiki-Sunshine


June 17, 2019

Well-being for creatives


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There are a number of things that help us feel well as creative entrepreneurs.

Obviously taking care of our physical health is one of them.

Caring for our mental health is another.

And I was certainly never taught about cultivating emotional health.

But personal congruency is core not only to our well-being and sense of satisfaction with our lives and selves but to the health of our businesses too.

Especially as social media is so integral to the growth of so many of our businesses yet comes with a plethora of side effects that see our emotional health, congruency and mental health knocked out of kilter and worst case scenario leading to physical burn out too.

The question is – how can we possibly take care of all of those things whilst balancing life, motherhood, entrepreneurialism, creativity and everything else that heads our way?

We take care of our foundation.

Sleep, eat, move, hydrate, be true to our selves.

I know, it seems too simple but as Brendon Burchard famously says: ‘Common sense is not often common practice.’

In Maslow’s pyramid of human needs the foundation of rest, water, food and warmth gives us the basis of life, of our physical requirements to stay alive, but I’ve added personal integrity because without it our mental, emotional and in turn physical health declines too.

In a society that has been set up to pull us away from who we truly are and persistently tells us how to feel, what to think about ourselves, what to buy and what to do, personal integrity couldn’t be more important.

It provides the basis to what Maslow lists as our other human needs – safety, security, connection, belongingness, prestige or a feeling of accomplishment and self-actualisation – the expression and achievement of ones potential.

Without staying true to ourselves it’s tough for us to connect fully with other people, we keep ourselves at a distance, worried about the façade of truth, of what people think of us when what we’re really needing to know is what to think or how to feel about ourselves kicking off a spiral of self doubt and a lack of safety, separation and loneliness.

It’s those things that keep us from stepping up to achieving accomplishment or full expression, fulfilling our potential. We become stuck. And our social structure along with regular use of social media contributes to that.

So how the heck do we return to deeper integrity with ourselves?

Self connection.

By exploring our selves, what we like, our choices, our stories, our lives, what makes us who we are, we become able to give ourselves acknowledgement and validation and gain clarity that throughout and under it all, that we’re actually doing alright, are unique and can stand out in strength doing what is right and good for us and only us.

That exploration leads to greater honesty with ourselves, greater authenticity, knowledge and confidence in who we are, what our strengths, skills and talents are, what we can share with others leading us to cultivate deeper connections and enjoy the reflection of these things in our lives and relationships.

That heart exploration and self expression gives us direction, momentum and the ability to build up our businesses in a way that feels good, takes out the fluff, noise and pomp and helps us return to simplicity.

So our return to sovereignty benefits our health, our businesses, our relationships and our well-being. And I’m sure as you can imagine with this energy and harmony in your life practice, work and state of being – the other thing that benefits is your bank account.

Why is this necessary?

Have you ever asked yourself whether your work is good enough?

Whether you’re worthy enough of making a living from doing what you love

Mistrusted your work or self?

Think everyone else has so much more magic / experience / talent than you?

If you’ve experienced the self doubt riddling it’s way through your veins until your days feel blue and satisfaction feels non existent, if you feel exhausted from the turbulent world of social media marketing, noise and gumph…

Self connection is necessary for us to return to love, to ourselves, to belonging and truly enjoy our lives.

Our mental, emotional, physical health and overall well-being and ability to enjoy our lives is compromised by this state.

Not only do we deserve to feel better, but our natural state is one of curiosity, creativity, of wonder, joy and abundance and when that’s depleted and we’re moved into feeling all insecurity and a lack of harmony, we’re unknowingly conditioning ourselves to stay in this space, become ill and loose our vitality for life and our art.

Your work is worth more.

You are worth more.

You deserve to enjoy life – more.

If this speaks to you and you’d like a way back to yourself, to feeling confident, gaining clarity over your work, direction, personal expression and brand check out my free guide to finding your voice and amplifying your unique magic right here.

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All love


Hello, I’m Kiki-Sunshine An artist, writer, mentor and educator you’ll usually be able to find me in the garden fingers plunged deep into the earth playing with flowers, or listening to saltwater music and painting from our Cotswold cottage.

I pretty much rock a mum bun everyday, I’m a passionate tea drinker, I’ve been in business for a decade and I get the whole self expression, being human and doing business thing.

It can be a jungle to wade through and often our confidence can be knocked right out of the park but you don’t have to go it alone to finally feel you’re moving forward creating a business and a life that enhances your happy, let’s walk this path together (and stop to smell the flowers along the way!).

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