soul signature sessions

It's time to put an end to the tail chasing,
let go of the excess and simplify the way forward.

Business is never just about business.

Business is personal.

At least that's the way it is for small creative businesses because they're based on us, on who we are, on what our energy is like to help us perform and achieve and on what we believe we are capable of achieving.

But the way we've been taught to work, the overload of information, of media and social sharing can leave us feeling disconnected, dissatisfied, and disempowered.

It's become a complicated landscape to navigate and can result in burn out, insecurity, or worse still having to stop doing what it is you love and that lights you up 

I collaborate with a small number of women for personal coaching and mentoring.

Focusing on reconnecting you with your self making it easier for you to find your voice, your direction, confidence and your joy and implement inspiration and ease into not only your days but your working practice.


I used to coach people in business. But from spending time 1:1 doing this with clients from all over the world, I learnt was that success and fulfilment is never about the strategy - it's about the human behind the art, behind the business, behind the noise.

The Soul Signature & Untethered Design sessions are designed to help you identify what your signature is helping you gain further understanding on how it affects your voice, your self expression, your life, your confidence and your success - giving you the knowledge of how to use it to get where you want to go as well as enjoying the journey more.


Your signature tells us a lot of things.

It tells us how much energy you have for the work you want to create. It tells other people what energy you bring to what they will receive from working with you over anyone else. And it tells them about the integrity, the confidence and the commitment you have to living, working and creating in the way that you want and is unique to you.

Which can be the hardest thing to master right? 

But it's something that benefits our well-being, our art, our business, our way of living, our profits and the authenticity other people connect with.

Connection is the make or break of any business.

It's also hugely important to how we feel about ourselves and our ability to enjoy our lives.

connect with yourself on a deeper level

find your unique creative voice - giving you an understanding of your self as well as a channel for fuller expression

elevate your art, brand, business and connection with others helping you stand out in a crowded marketplace

break through any issues that have been holding you back from moving in the direction you want taking you to your bigger life goals

giving you a greater understanding of yourself, your needs and how to nurture your well-being so you can enjoy your life - and work - so much more

In practical terms this means that you will:


I'm not one to shy away from talking about money. But I'm also not someone who believes in stretching your purse strings further than they can reach to get you a transformation (yup that can be a thing).

I also don't offer my work in the form of a 'package' because there is no one size fits all strategy or price in my world. We all have different needs and different voices and so each person I work with gets a bespoke plan and price that's suited to their needs and nobody elses.

If you're curious, don't be shy! 
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This is about realising who you truly are, how that uniquely informs your work and allowing that to help you build confidence, rid insecurities and make money from doing what you love, so you can live the life you want.

It's coming home to you.

I've helped more than 4500 creatives build something meaningful and enjoy thier lives more.

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