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A comprehensive map to rediscovering your self, your confidence, your inspiration and your joy.

How to find your creative voice

People want to connect with other people - they want to learn about you, to trust you, to understand what you stand for, what your work stands for and make informed choices.

They want honesty, authenticity, they want YOU

But on our way to building our businesses who we are can get lost in all the minutiae - because we care about what other people think of us, of our work and we want it to be good.

We all have the desire to be acknowledged, seen, heard, loved, accepted and our art, our work, our contribution to the world is a way to receive that.

Yet we plunge into insecurities from our use of social media - from our desire to share and sometimes, just sometimes, we can feel as though we’re drowning because of it.



WE get led away from ourselves so often

We live in a chaotic world of media and have curious minds that love to learn

But in recent years there’s been a pressure to make nature comply with business

To bend our art, our words, our selves- our natural state - to make sales.

The problem is that strategy simply doesn’t cut it anymore.

Solace helps you come home

To yourself, to your creativity, to knowing your gifts and owning your voice

To building your confidence, clarity around who you are and the courage to not only share but be seen - really seen, and for that to be ok, for us to be safe in doing so because we know with a whole heart and deep integrity that what we’re expressing to the world is of our soul, it’s from our unique life experience, it’s who you are.

This minimises those insecurities, the self doubt that plagues your mind - and gives you direction to shift into growth, into self connection, into self love, into well-being out of procrastination and towards the work you want to make and life you want to be living.

More importantly - it leads you towards experiencing more joy.

And that's what matters most.

Your enjoyment of what you're doing with your art, your time, your work and the rich abundance that energy, that emotion, that fulfilment can mirror into all areas of your life

Solace helpS you identify your unique gifts and transform them into your creative voice giving you the confidence to own it, the courage to share it AND THE ABILITY TO EXPERIENCE MORE JOY BECAUSE OF IT

To experience a sense of well-being, of contentedness, of feeling like you're actually working towards and achieving something with your life and contributing towards your self esteem, your family and heck the world too.

But here's the biggie:

Our mental, emotional, physical health and overall well-being and ability to enjoy our lives is compromised by the state of feeling unworthy or insecure. Our use of social media amplifies this.

We can become plagued by worry about what other's may think, about our own abilities, about being good enough and holding back our expression, our art and our selves.

which is why you got into this in the first place right? 

Solace is a tool that will help you elevate your brand and business.

But it’s also a tool that helps you connect deeply with yourself and with others

Infusing more of who you really are into all areas of your life

Minimising insecurities, building confidence, well-being, direction, peace of mind and a deep integrity that builds into a sense of belonging, abundance and truly, confidently, moving towards your dreams.

Your creative voice isn’t just aesthetic

Your creative voice isn't just verbal

Your creative voice is your unique signature, it's your essence

And we all deserve to know how to navigate that to help us live better, fuller lives


Uncover your creative voice
and amplify your life

I'm a mentor, I'm a mama and I'm a creative.

I have fought my way back to feeling abundance in my life - of connection, belonging, joy and creativity - and found a way to sustain experiencing those things every single day.

I truly believe this is the basis of everything - enjoying your life, having great relationships, creating movement towards our bigger life goals and building a great business.

And in a world that places us in discomfort, disconnection and dissatisfaction on a daily basis it's important now more than ever that we find a sustainable way to enjoy our lives.

hey! I'm Kiki-Sunshine.

And that's what Solace was born of.

After the birth of my daughter I was in a body I no longer recognised or liked, unable to identify with my old life before becoming a mum and thanks to the confusion of hormones I didn't even know what I enjoyed eating.

Everything about my embodied experience of the life I had lived felt foreign to me. I felt lost, disconnected and lacking any sense of belonging or sense of contentedness with myself.

And of course I wanted that: for myself and for my daughter, my marriage and every other aspect of my life.

That's how I got here. It's been a fight for some of the way.

And that's why I want to make it easier for you to build a foundation of contentedness, of well-being, of happiness in your life, under your business, relationships, your art, because our connection to ourselves matters first and then radiates it's goodness into the rest of our lives too.

I've helped more than 4500 creatives build something meaningful and enjoy thier lives more.

Are you ready to give yourself a foundation of well-being so that no matter what turns up to shake you you still have a sense of direction, of confidence and of creativity in your life?

Great! I thought so!
Here's how we're going to get you that.

Do you want to create a sense of well-being in your life, harnessing your own power to break down insecurities, discovering your own unique voice that will up-level your brand and empower your self expression, deepen your self love and blow open your creativity?


The Solace programme is unlike anything I've ever experienced.

It's a three module programme, completely online so you can access it whenever you want or wherever you are.

Solace addresses three keys that are crucial to knowing our creative voices and communicating them clearly:


These keys are the building blocks to our well-being, our confidence and our creative success.


confidence & courage
a sense of well-being and contentedness 
your unique voice and aesthetic
peace of mind
a deeper understanding of who you are, your work, the motivations behind your work and how to use them to get back into action
higher self esteem and value

direction and motivation
self connection 
healthy boundaries
creative energy flow
more joy in your days

You sign up and get immediate access to all course materials.

You follow the chapters - the videos, playbooks and meditations.

I give you steps to follow that will uncover your creative voice.

We unravel the stories keeping you stuck and forge your path forward based on your unique skills, talent and qualities helping you stand out amongst the noise.

We create a reference playbook - your go to for any time you may feel stuck, uninspired, disconnected or unsure how to keep your brand cohesive and your creative voice true to you.

You leave the process with clarity, confidence, direction, peace of mind and a way forward that will get you seen and heard, minimising insecurities and building confidence and well-being.


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This chapter helps build a foundation of well-being in your life showing you what it is that may be restricting your creative voice, what is going to help you feel more fulfilled on a daily basis, gain more momentum in your direction, cultivate a greater sense of belonging and abundance and help you simplify your working practice. It also addresses your physical energy and clarifies how to amplify it so you can get more done, move forward faster, foster creativity and feel great doing it.


Chapter three will help you filter your findings into your life, your business and communication giving you a cohesive way to help embody your value, your skills, talents and confidence so that you can share your value with the world.

All of the information gathered from the chapters will not only help inform your creative voice, art, photoshoots, content and brand but also your well-being.

I've added 3 bonus meditations to help you:

- release any in the moment overwhelm, noise and fluff and return back to your self and your body

- clear your mind and access your creative energy flow.

- cultivate deep embodied confidence about who you are, your abilities, gifts, skills and creative voice.


Chapter two of the programme guides you through a process that will help you identify your unique voice, your personal aesthetic taking you beyond the brand so that you can share your voice clearly and cohesively with the world, stand out in a crowded marketplace, transform your experience into expression and build the confidence and courage to use your voice consistently throughout your art, work, business and life.



6 fully guided video presentation modules

6 accompanying downloadable playbooks

3 guided meditations for subconscious nurturance

Listen or learn from anywhere on any device


Your monetary investment to regaining your peace of mind is just

Introductory offer
also payable via monthly instalment



The Solace programme is currently available as a 1:1 offering or as the online version described on this page. Often people want something in between so I'm offering a limited number of places to take the online course and work with me in person.

For this option you'd receive the online programme but also gain messenger access to me to coach you through the course, keep you on track and we'll have a call at the end of the programme to help you plan out your direction going forward, infusing your creative voice into your work, art and life and benefitting from it.

There are just 5 spaces left for this option available.

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Introductory offer
also payable via monthly instalment


This is about realising who you really are, how that uniquely informs your work and allowing that to help you build confidence, rid insecurities and make money from doing what you love, so you can live the life you want.

I'd be surprised if you didn't! - Visit the FAQ's below or click on the contact button and lets chat. 

I know how scary it can be investing in yourself and your business, I've done it many times and up to high 5 figure amounts, so lets make sure this is for you and that we're a good fit to get you where you want to go.



Finding your creative voice isn't just about your brand. It's about finding a way to cohesively express your self and learning to infuse that into your art, work, business and life. This builds integrity, confidence, congruency and well-being. Further to that, your creative voice is a much broader spectrum than a brand and already exists as a unique reflection of who you are - Solace helps you identify that so you can infuse more of who you really are into your life, loose the overwhelm, stress and online noise and move forward in a way that feels good, feels YOU and simplifies your practice - so you can enjoy your day's more.

YES!! I can confidently say this because 1) everybody is a creator - of their own reality, of ideas, of dreams, goals and ambitions 2) everybody has their own opinions, beliefs, personality, style 3) Solace will help you get to know yourself, your skills, your talents, preferences and unique voice deeply and because everyone has a voice - this is a great fit for you.
However - if you do have or want to start a creative business, be it aesthetic, product or service based, this will help you fly, your business gain clarity and direction and increase creativity and enjoyment of not only your business but your life too.
A sample list of people I have worked with that this programme has worked for: photographers, coaches, mentors, stylists, stationers, painters, copywriters, clothing designers, caterers, illustrators and artists, graphic designers, crafters, marketing strategists, bloggers, event designers, venue owners, make up artists, videographers and writers.

Both. Solace will give anyone starting out on their business journey a strong foundation to build their business, brand or art on, however it's also really useful to review down the line because when we've established our business we can sometimes get lost amidst the brand, amidst the expectations and the day to day minutia - Solace helps bring you back to yourself, to why you started, to the inspiration that once filled you with excitement and helps you further your connection with other people and yourself. In my book it's always a great time to get to know yourself more, love yourself more and enjoy your life more.

Our well-being is entwined with our integrity. We need to be in alignment with ourselves to feel good about ourselves, our lives, our creativity, our work and our direction. Solace is a practice of finding what integrity is for you and so implementing the steps in the programme does serve to build not only your creative voice, aesthetic style but your confidence, courage to share, express and connect with others even more too. And with all of that juicy goodness and abundance in your way of being or working it also reflects thoughout the rest of your life - including your income.

Absolutely. Solace is designed to give you a strong foundation of knowledge about who you are, what you value, what your skills and talents are and showing you a direction that you could take to ensure what you do create is always of integrity to who you are, helping you connect, stand out and make the impact you really want to make.

Nope. There are only three really refined chapters to the programme. There are bonus meditations that you can do in your own time but none are over 20 minutes long. The longest section of the programme is the introduction video which is no more than 30 minutes. It's an easy to follow self study programme BUT you do need to have motivation - because it's self led and that all depends on how much you want to get where you dream of going. If you find motivation hard, consider taking the option which has me guiding you so that you can gain the very best results and get your dreams moving, your work seen and your voice heard.

Great question. The problem with free information however is firstly its really hard to find the good stuff that you know works (with Solace you have a first hand testimonial from me, myself and I!) and secondly its tough implementing it. When we pay money for something we give it our attention. Also, I personally haven't come across another programme that helps you uncover who it is you really are, take care of your health and well-being, that gives you an antidote to the insecurities that we can get from being online so often and helps boost your confidence so much that you end your days feeling fulfilled, content and as if you're heading somewhere - and that's something special. A lot of information out there isn't personal either - this isn't based around me educating you of something, this is based around you discovering you and what will work for you.

I have to say it - perhaps the programmes you took weren't the best fit for you. Here's the thing, I've spent thousands on online learning and some of them I didn't finish either - because they weren't for me. That's why I designed Solace around YOU rediscovering what's amazing about YOU - not around a strategy that I think might work. This is science, it's psychology, it's art, it's authentic and it might just be THE thing you need to get your life moving where you want. It's also only 3 chapters long so you wont need to put your life on hold - it's easily digested, making the results you want easy to reach.

Absolutely, bonuses too - as soon as you sign up with either payment option the materials are all yours.


Lifetime access

3 Main teaching modules

3 bonus meditations for rewiring

6 guided video presentations

6 fully comprehensive workbooks

Downloadable transcripts

also payable via monthly instalment


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Lifetime access

3 Main teaching modules

3 bonus meditations for rewiring

6 guided video presentations

6 fully comprehensive workbooks

Downloadable transcripts

Messenger access to my support for 1 month


Coaching / mentorship call for direction, momentum and to get the very most from your experience with Solace building confidence, clarity and a plan ahead.

also payable via monthly instalment




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