December 3, 2018

Small business growth: how to do it sustainably

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If you’re reading this it must be because you’re looking for small business growth.

And if you are – then you’ve probably heard of all the strategies, formulas, sales tips, tricks and hacks and are more than likely also a little bored and fed up of all the noise online suggesting what you ‘should’ be doing.



I’ve been there myself and I know how hair pulling and heart breaking it can be to invest your hard earned money, hopes, energy and excitement into a strategy, a programme or course that doesn’t give you the business growth that it promised in return.

But here’s what’s really going on:


More often than not the strategies for small business growth don’t work because they’re based on ONE other persons experience and don’t take into account how different we all are.

You could have the top strategy to make you a million dollars that worked for Frank but didn’t work for you because you don’t resonate with doing the exact same marketing steps that he did and even though you tried you still weren’t that into it because it’s just not who you are, and you know what – people can tell – we have a sixth sense for reading authentic energy and emotions and we all know that people buy into people – not businesses right?

So if you’ve tried the courses and programs that haven’t fulfilled their promises to you or your expectations of where you want to go then it’s time to take a deep breath and renew your hopes about your small business growth.


Because here’s the thing: if you want business growth – none of the marketing formula’s, the rigid strategies, the cookie cutter advice matters.


What actually generates sustainable success and helps grow your business – as well as impacting your personal well being – is your energy.

Your energy is directly related to your sovereignty – your ability to hear your self, to be in integrity with who you are, what you really want, how you spend your time and how much pleasure you’re getting out of your life.

Your sovereignty is your ability to be authentic and true to your self, to your soul, to your desires and to commit to expressing that fully.

We’ve all heard of authentic marketing and why it’s so important to just be ourselves in business or online right?

But what we’re not often told how to put that into practice when most of our actions are subconscious or how and why its our energy that makes being authentic work for our happiness, our health and our businesses and that’s like having only half the story or a part of the puzzle missing and who wants a picnic without cake am I right?


business success is energetic


I know you may be thinking  “but how is my energy going to increase my profits?” and I’ll give you that – it’s not a common concept

It’s because the amount of energy you can put into your business is obviously also in direct correlation with the amount of energy you get back out of your business (money being a form of energy too) and the amount of joy you get out of it too.


Business is an energetic game.


This isn’t just another theory or strategy either – this is science.



We’ve been taught to work in a way that depletes our natural resources and puts us in a state of overwhelm, self doubt, anxiety, comparison so our energy levels naturally drop and sometimes to the stage where we’ve left feeling just wiped out or worse closing our businesses because we can’t move any further forward from there.

We want to do business in a way that builds our confidence and self trust, as well as our well being AND grows your business right? It shouldn’t be too much to ask.

Well news is that it’s possible. It took me a lot of bucks and years to figure out but there is a way to do business in a way that feels right, in integrity, suited to who I am and brings me more peace of mind than I think I’ve had in donkeys years.

What’s more – doing business in this way is sustainable – it takes us away from burn out, away from the insecurities that we can get swamped in all too often, away from the stress and overwhelm that deflates our inspiration and creativity and back to who it is we truly are.

It’s like being able to feel the sunshine again after a dark old winter.

But I don’t think this way of being (you know, the true to who we are way over the people selling strategies on social media way!) should be such a secret so pop on over to my resources page and grab yourself a freebie that will help get you working in a more simplified, sustainable way and on the road to enjoying your life more.


Two years ago I began to get really disenchanted with all the BS being spouted around online and sold at high ticket prices that doesn’t and never was intended to work for everyone – which is why my resources are based on the science that puts YOU at the forefront of creating your own strategy, carving your own path forward (because that’s the only one that will work for you sustainably) not just on woo and third hand strategy.

Because its only from here that we really get to work from a place that feels easy, that flows, that feels more fun and a place that we KNOW is exactly right for us to get us where we want to go in our lives and relationships through the growth of our businesses and profits.

I’ve worked with so many women who just want a little more confidence, a little less self doubt and a little more cash in their businesses to really fly in how they want to live, be with their family and spend their time working and it upsets me because I’ve been there and I know how crushing it can be to your soul, to your energy and how that can impact your business, your relationships, your presence with your children, your confidence and your enjoyment of your life.

If you’re looking for a solution to help you get back to who it is you really are and kick start simplifying your life so you can enjoy it more – click here – this link will take you to a page that will show you how to get all of that, elevating your brand, business and income in a soulful way, a way that feels right and good FOR YOU.

This IS the solution that you’ve been looking for – it’s certainly the one I needed in order to feel better about myself and my life whilst growing my business – worth a peek right?


All love.



Working on our creative online business ideas can be all consuming so it makes sense that if we want to grow our businesses we work sustainably protecting ourselves from burnout and growing your confidence whilst caring for your well-being and elevating your brand. This post talks about how thats possible. | #bestbusinesstips #personaldevelopment #intentionalliving #businesstips #femaleentrepreneur #burnout

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