June 17, 2019

Self care for female entrepreneur mama’s

helping you find your voice and be seen so you can make money and live the life you truly love

Broken. Separated. Disconnected. Lost.

These were just some of the things I felt when my daughter came into the world.

My being flooded with the type of love that only mothers experience.

And with that came a shift, an understanding that I and my life would never be the same again.

And just maybe my business wouldn’t either.



It’s only natural that we have a grieving period after giving birth.

The life we knew, the lifestyle we knew, the person we are – it all changes in an instant.

And so too does the way we see life, our values change and so does our way of working.

Yet in such contrast to the joy, the love and the awe we’re feeling it leaves us feeling guilty.

And whilst we feel around trying to settle into our new bodies, new energy, our new mindset and personalities we’re also juggling keeping a tiny human alive.

It can feel overwhelming.

Even more so when we’re trying to keep a business alive too.

And all of a sudden self care for the female entrepreneur in us falls out of the window. Literally.


this is going to help you practice self care as a female entrepreneur and feel good about your life and who you are – as well as confidently moving them both forward


As women, as mothers (of businesses and babies) we put other’s needs first above our own so often.

And whilst we struggle to bring our services or products to the world to help other people experience more ease, beauty and joy in their lives it can be easy to forget about ourselves.

But there is a way of working that takes care of our well-being, our peace of mind, our feeling of belonging and connection firstly to ourselves again and secondly to others so our businesses can thrive too.

Because the two things will always be entwined when the foundation of your business is you – your art, your talent and skills.


Building a foundation in your life and in your business of self connection not only helps you gain clarity around who you are and connection with other people but it also helps you cultivate self confidence, belonging, direction, courage and creativity.

Self care at its finest.

And knowing yourself so well means you get to identify your uniqueness, your voice, your aesthetic so you know what makes your art, work, brand or creative voice cohesive enough to stand out in a crowded market place.


cultivating a sense of belonging


This is what has helped me cultivate the sense of belonging, being myself, being more at peace and making progress on a daily basis.

It also helped me not only provide self care for the female entrepreneur in me, but as a woman, a mother, an introvert and a human trying her best to juggle it all.

Once you know what is inherently and abundantly you and who you are, you can stop fearing who it is you are not and put that into action in your life and business.

The noise becomes less so, the pressure becomes less, the self criticism and rejection lowers and life – and work – becomes that much more enjoyable.

And that energy is necessary to making progress in all areas of our lives.


5 truly effective self care tips for female entrepreneurs


I have to be honest, I’m way beyond self-care for this female entrepreneur being taking time out, taking hot baths and ensuring you get time in nature on a daily basis.

Don’t get me wrong those things are great and beneficial too – but true self care for me starts with self connection, with being in integrity and alignment with who I am, making sure my life reflects those things and my choices do too.


So here are my top 5 for self care for female entrepreneurs:


Get to know yourself.


A foundation of self connection creates strength throughout your life.

It helps you know yourself well – and yes that does mean the good bits because lets be honest, we have a habit of being more familiar with the negative stories we tell ourselves don’t we? – and build self love, self confidence and self esteem.

It helps us identify what our skills, talents, traits and learnings are so we can become more of who we truly are and help more people.

It helps us amplify our art, our brand or business.

It helps us connect clearly with other people – allowing us to feel more seen, more heard and more appreciated.

It helps us stay in integrity with ourselves on a daily basis, building wellness, validation and taking care of our emotional and mental health.

And if that doesn’t sound like self care I don’t know what does.

And you can start with simply journaling for 10 minutes on a daily basis which if you’re a busy mama like me you can do from your bed on your phone before you sleep.

Simple. And that’s how I’d encourage you to keep it – as simple as possible.


Set boundaries


Alright hands up time – how often are you doing things that you don’t actually want to be doing or enjoy?

Lets take it a step further – how much time do you think this is taking out of your life each day, week, month, year?

It’s time to set some boundaries in all areas of your life.

Doing so helps us do more of what we enjoy, more of what is going to get us somewhere, more of what is going to keep us moving forward and feeling good.

If we don’t feel good in ourselves – it reflects into our diet, our sleep, our healthcare, our self talk, our businesses, our art, our relationships and our connection with potential clients.

So creating boundaries around what you do and don’t want to do with your time is essential to feeling able to stay in integrity with yourself, who you are, what you want to achieve and enjoying life more.


Create regular time for self connection


And make a boundary around this too.

I swear this is a must. In the 10 years I’ve spent in business the one thing that shines out strongest for me as being the most important thing is staying in integrity with who I am.

It’s so easy to get swayed away from our intuition and integrity by all of the noise online, by media, by comparison, by fomo, by the other mum that lives down the road and makes you feel as though you need to be more or do better.

All it takes is 10-30 minutes a day to check in with yourself – ask what happened in your day that was in alignment or integrity for you and what wasn’t, listing it down and making a point of cutting that list down on a daily basis.

Yes it’s a process, but it’s a process that will increase your happiness, your productivity, your health and well-being as well as your connection and more than likely your income too.


Make nourishment your focus


I’m a huge fan of simplicity.

Having a small child does that to you doesn’t it?

So focusing on nourishment doesn’t have to be complicated.

I literally ask myself more than 30 times a day whether this – food, activity, work, chocolate, time – is going to nourish me. So try asking yourself too.

If the answer is no you’re free to make a new choice in something that will, that will help you stick to your boundaries, that will help you stay in integrity with your values, with who you are, help you feel important, valued, loved and worthy.

And yes the question does apply to all areas of your life – so make it your new habit, you won’t regret it.


Set the pace


Know that you do not have to have it all sorted, figured out, done, finished, achieved at once.

And we all move at different paces – throughout our lives, work, success, relationships, health, heck even our menstrual cycles.

So find your own rhythm, give yourself a little grace in knowing that you’re moving forward but at a pace that feels good to you.

And once you put the other four steps above in place, you’ll be surprised how quickly what you do want to achieve falls into place too.


If you’d like to take things a step further and put all of these steps into place in detail as well as discovering your creative voice, what makes you unique and using this not only to elevate your business but to help you feel great about who you are and your life – take a look at Solace right here.

If you’d like a taster pop on over to my resources page where you can download a lovely little freebie or two that will assist you in caring for your well-being, state of mind, confidence and self expression.

The aim of the game is to help you feel enough – because you are.


All love,


As a mother of children and online business babies and as a female entrepreneur self care is essential not only to our wellbeing but to our business success too. Here\'s 5 true tips to keep you and your business happy and healthy so you can elevate your brand, increase your income and feel great about yourself, enjoy motherhood and how you\'re spending your time. || #wellbeing #femaleentrepreneur #creativebusiness #mumpreneur #branddesign #workingmum

Hello, I’m Kiki-Sunshine An artist, writer, mentor and educator you’ll usually be able to find me in the garden fingers plunged deep into the earth playing with flowers, or listening to saltwater music and painting from our Cotswold cottage.

I pretty much rock a mum bun everyday, I’m a passionate tea drinker, I’ve been in business for a decade and I get the whole self expression, being human and doing business thing.

It can be a jungle to wade through and often our confidence can be knocked right out of the park but you don’t have to go it alone to finally feel you’re moving forward creating a business and a life that enhances your happy, let’s walk this path together (and stop to smell the flowers along the way!).

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