Just choose

All too often I hear people saying that they can’t..


Can’t figure out how
Can’t get out of this situation
Can’t afford it
Can’t make enough money
Can’t reach the right people
Can’t feel the passion anymore
Can’t see a way out
Can’t possibly take that option

And I’ve been all English, reserved and holding back from saying what I really want to say but I’ve recently taken a vow to express myself more fully and to tell you what happens for me too so here goes.

Yes, You can.

We create blocks for ourselves. Oof. I know.

But it’s true.

We create our own reality. We create what we will allow, we create our values, we create our possibilities, we create our can’s.

What we’re capable of is directly related to our perception - of what’s possible, of what we believe can be true for us.

And our perception creates our actions which in turn creates our results which gives us our reality.

We either believe or we don’t.

We either choose to or don’t.

We either do or we don’t.

But we always can - if we want to.

And if we want to but don’t know how - we seek help from someone who knows how to help us turn that around.

To help us question why we believe that in the first place, what it’s related to, what’s pulling you back into your safe space what is causing you to be victim to a (more often that not) past circumstance.

Because that’s all it is.

And I know you feel it as a physical reaction sometimes I feel it too, but that was learnt in your past to protect you and right now it holds you back from something you really want to do or breakthrough because we both know the results lie right on the other side.

So if you want to make a change - make it - and believe in what is possible for you outside of that resistance.

Empower your self to know that you can right this moment make that choice.

Because there is always a choice to be the version of you that knows its possible and to operate from a space of lack will only ever give you more of the same.

Then take aligned action from the space of can, because you and I both know that although it may be buried there is a part of you that knows, fully, that that is true.

Yes, you, can – do anything that you really want to.

So prioritise, look at where you could be if you just choose and jump in.

You'll be safe and supported, you'll see, but you'll also be empowered and free.