How 2017 changed my view of business

If you’ve been on my mailing list for a while you’ll know my history in business. I’ve founded 5 businesses, all successful – all in different ways because they’ve been completely different businesses.

And I’ll be honest, selling my last business and moving fully into coaching last year wasn’t as easy as I had thought it would be – the industry and marketing is quite different than it was running my last entrepreneurial ventures.

But having said that, there is also so much more to coaching than just the business side and hey if anyone tells you that creating a successful business is all down to the strategy, steer clear my friends – it’s only a third of the story.

2017 saw me adventure further down the rabbit hole of spiritual development, of soul searching, of peeling back layer after layer of noise, of conditioning, of other people’s opinions to find my truth, to find who it is that I am at core and in essence and to return to a place where I swear I haven’t felt since I was way younger than I am now – before I learnt to close myself off in many ways from fear of being hurt or judged.

The reason I took that path is because I’m a tenacious so and so. Unhappy with such small guarantee’s that following the strategy alone offered I dug deeper to find out the real reasons that people didn’t get to achieve what it is they set their hearts on and how to over come them.

And I left 2017 more embodied, more abundant and way more myself for having done so.

I no longer feel swamped with should do’s, with could do’s and I intuitively know what’s going to be good for my business – as well as for others. I no longer feel the fear that I felt about putting myself out there, about being seen or judged. I feel a softness in my heart because I know that I no longer have competition because we all have talents and wisdom that nobody else can offer.

And I’ve stripped my work right back because lets face it we do so many things, waste so much time, not really doing much or getting much further because of it. The results? I spend less time working, more time on self care, I’m a happier more aligned version of myself and what that means is that I bring a lot more energy to my work, more clarity to serving others and helping them return to their own truth and I’m the most abundant I ever have been.

My top tips to becoming the most aligned version of yourself – to tapping into your higher power and wisdom (that WILL take you to success) for 2018 are:

  • Self care. It’s central to your business and to your prosperity, also to your happiness and joy. Make a habit of cultivating great habits – it’s this practice that will bring you clarity to rise above all of the noise, the stories and should do’s to find your own intuitive knowledge which is there to guide you to what truly will work for you.
  • Question. Know what’s really necessary to propel your business forward, cut out the should’s, cut out the stuff that you know isn’t helping your business or productivity, cut out the time wasting.
  • Be present. Cultivate being here in the now, in this moment, not projecting outwards on what you want to achieve, not projecting backwards on what it is you haven’t achieved but work on feeling your most abundant right in this moment. And practice gratitude. This is the vibration that will take you forward into more of the same.
  • Cut down the noise. Honestly, how much time to you spend scrolling? Conditioning yourself with competition, comparison, with noise, with other people’s voices that sometimes you can’t even find your own?
  • Exercise. And I don’t mean you have to go hell for leather but take a walk, get out in nature, reconnect, relax or refresh. Your energy is core to your business. With fresh energy you bring clarity and momentum, with fresh energy you bring high levels of service, with fresh energy you have the creativity, the enthusiasm and the open presence to connect with people on a charismatic level. The magic is in the energy that you bring to your life and work and it’s this that will draw your clients to you.

How did 2017 change my view of business? The two most important things that I learnt: 1) at the core of everything is self love, self care and that strategy makes up such a small part of what it means to truly create success – whatever your version of success may be 2) your habits and energy play a huge part in gaining the clarity and direction you need to keep moving forward. Nail those two things every single day and change, success will be inevitable.

Don’t get me wrong, strategy is great and we humans love structure and direction but science and soul are what really give us what we need to actualise our dreams.

All love.

Kiki x


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