How to create great change

As I sit writing this morning I can see the frost slowly lifting and melting in this gorgeous warm Autumn morning light. I see the roof tops that tumble down the hill from our house glistening, the Cotswold stone warming as the sun wakes the world. The skies are light and bright and there's an air of quiet.

And I'm feeling completely at peace with life. 

So much has happened recently, I've learnt, integrated and developed so much of my business over the past year and I'm using this quiet to really appreciate and get my head around how far things have shifted, what's next to come and where I want things to go.

November is the best time to start taking stock and planning for the coming year – before all the busy of Christmas and the festivities take over - for me it's a time of reflection so that I can make sure that going into the new year I have everything in place to move forward unhindered and as quickly as possible. 

Here are my top subjects to hit if you want to put your year into review:

Personal Growth
Business / Career
Mindset / State of being 
Experience / Memory making / Play

I would recommend giving everything a number – literally rate how effective, great or could be improved each of these categories are and then write down 1-3 things that you could do to improve them.

But remember – for improvement to take place you don't even necessarily need to be doing all the big things, that leads to overwhelm and in my experience, the biggest improvements, the biggest shifts and leaps come from making small changes daily and allowing them to build momentum from there. 

For example – I knew recently that I have had to do something about my health, my lack of exercise meant that I was still holding on to some of my pregnancy weight, I was feeling sluggish, I didn't have the drive to get up and even start doing it but I did and now I swim 2/3 times a week and each time I go I add a length to the amount I am doing to push myself forward. 

I now feel much healthier, energetic, I've lost weight, I am more mindful of what I am eating, how much water I am drinking, I have more focus for my work and more energy and determination to get things done and as a result of that – my income has risen.

So you see the small differences build and they totally reflect the whole on your journey to building your ultimate vision. The key is to make the changes you want to create into habits and to add those tiny habits in to your daily routine. 

This is why my 1:1 work with my clients is always centered around a framework of mindset, energy and habits because the three always feed in to one another and if one is slightly off – everything else in your life and results will be too – it's all about the ripple effect! 

This honestly is such a powerful exercise to do and it should only take a half an hour to gain clarity focus and an idea of what you need to do to improve your results.

Kiki x