August 3, 2019

How to find balance in motherhood and business

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I have two main squeezes in my life that I’m head over heels in love with so much that it consumes me. First – my daughter, second – my business and both require a certain amount of my focus, time and attention so it’s been quite the juggle finding a way to balance motherhood and business since my little one arrived in the world.



Balance today has come to mean that I have a definite divide between the two parts of my life – being productive, proactive and focusing forward in my work time and being present, playful and not distracted by business worry in my one on one time with Yvielao.

It’s so easy as a mother to go through the whole range of emotions isn’t it? feeling selfish when you put time into your work, into your business and serve your passions or to feel guilty for being so determined to do so, sometimes being unable to apply the same amount of mental effort to being fully present with your children.

I get it.

And I’ve got to say it – first of all – give yourself some grace.

It is perfectly natural and normal to feel distracted when you have something as large as a business looming in your life. Yes, even when it comes to spending quality time with your children. Finding balance in motherhood and business is a practice, it’s a habit that needs a little love and cultivation to achieve.



Want to find balance in motherhood and business? lets talk guilt


The worst vibrational emotion that we can hold on to is guilt – it literally lowers our physical and emotional energetic state so not only does that affect our well-being, our immune system, our ability to focus and move our businesses forward but it also affects our ability to manifest from the quantum field meaning creating the results we want becomes slower and if there’s anything we do want its for results to happen faster am I right?

Here’s the thing – the fast results that we want in our business we undoubtedly want so we can get back to being more present with our children, being able to provide for them more yet its working for it that sometimes causes resistance to it actually happening.

It’s a Catch 22.

Wouldn’t it then be much more rewarding and simple to be, live and work from a place that allows us that balance  in motherhood and business everyday?



What to do to find that elusive balance between motherhood and business


I’m going to note below just some of the tools that you can implement to help you cultivate balance in motherhood and business, streamline your working processes and perform from a more optimal place so you can:

  • get more done in less time and really make sure you’re accomplishing what’s going to move the needle forward for you
  • get back to being more present with your little ones.


I also need to preface those pointers with this love note to you mama:

It’s a delicate balance.

And what works for me may very well not work 100% for you so first of all I fully recommend downloading the playbook that I’ve put together to accompany this post which lists some questions for you to journal over to determine what you need individually.

I also ask that you to stick with what comes up for you – it can be hard creating new habits at first but they will pay off in the end remember its our habits that create our outcomes.


Your answers to the playbook questions will bring your conscious awareness to your true desires and indicate how to work towards them whilst making sure you have the knowledge to:


1) care for your own well-being


2) ensure your childrens needs also take priority


3) your business keeps on growing and moving forward even when you’re away from it so you can relax in the knowledge that it’s not going to fall apart if you’re out playing with your little ones.


Does that sound like a good balance of motherhood and business to you?

Now whilst I know that it can sound like the impossible dream – it’s not but it takes commitment.

This is a method that I’ve had to implement for myself over the past few years since my daughter joined us on this journey and it’s how I’ve been able to go from working 12 hour days, cutting that down to 17 hour weeks with peace of mind that my daughter is getting the presence and attention she needs whilst my business keeps growing to answer my needs.

Ladies burn out is not an option.

I’m sure you’ll agree that our babies need us to guide them, we must give ourselves the nourishment that we need – creatively, emotionally and physically too to enjoy our lives and give the best we can to those around us.

And having been on the other side of it – feeling so intensely disconnected from my self and my body postpartum and close to burn out a number of times, I want you to know that this work, these habits are so SO worth it and will improve all areas of your life: increasing your energy, your productivity, your time, peace of mind, well-being, your ability to be present with your little ones and your business results.


  1. Shoulds
  2. Boundaries
  3. Your well-being (not just self care)
  4. Needle movers
  5. Time


5 things to assess to find balance in motherhood and business

1. Should’s


Should’s are a total time suck but I’m going to be as bold as to say that the majority of us will have fallen into this trap many times.

We learn from others so it’s only natural to feel that perhaps if someone is doing something to grow their business then we ‘should’ be doing the same thing.

My friend that’s not necessarily true.

We must do what works for us and for us alone. Our desires, our needs, our services, our businesses, our personal expression through them – they’re all completely unique which renders most ‘shoulds’ completely invalid.

Make note of what you’re doing in your business that you feel you ‘should’ be doing and ask yourself whether that really is making a difference for your productivity or your results.

Cutting out the should’s allows you to step into doing what really matters to you, growing your confidence, your clarity and forging your direction forward. It also helps you become more productive, focused and reclaiming your time as you get to work from a more proactive space.

I go into a little more detail on this on the playbook that you can download for free here.



2. Boundaries


And obligations! Check in where it is you’re allowing yourself to be pulled away from doing what matters to you and moves the needle forward in your business.

  • Is your attention split?
  • Are you able to get more done in a shorter time frame if your attention isn’t split?
  • Is your work time working for you – in other words are you being as productive in that short time frame as you could be or do you find yourself being pulled in all directions by your mind or other tasks?
  • Are you doing all the things for all the people rather than focusing on your needle movers?


These are just an example of a few areas where you could set boundaries around your time so that you can achieve more, streamline your working practice, get more done, feel accomplished and confident in the knowledge that your business is moving and growing so you no longer feel as though you’re starting each day on the back foot but are right on track.



3. Your well-being


Ok this one is huge. I’m not just talking self-care when it comes to taking care of your own well-being but although it helps to take time out alone it’s the more basic stuff that really matters.

  • How’s your sleep? Is there anything you can do to get a little more if its needed?
  • Hows your nutrition?
  • Are you taking regular exercise (outside of running around a small human)?
  • Do you feel as though you’re in congruence with yourself? Are you being true to your own needs / personal expression / self?
  • What is it that you need?


Awareness in this area is key to your well-being, your well-being is key to the energy that you feel in your body, can bring to your business, can give to your children, life and enjoyment of it.

Taking care of your well-being is protection

of being able to do what matters most to you.



4. Needle Movers


We’ve got to know what works for us in order to do it more right? That means focusing on what works and cutting out the crap giving you the ability to do what really does make a difference and create results.


  • So what is working for you?
  • Where are most of your results coming from?
  • What is proving to be a time suck for you and can you cut it down / out?
  • Can you automate any function in your business that’s taking a lot of your time, attention and energy? (this one is huge – automating my marketing has given me back 12 whole hours a week)


If you want to find out how to decrease your workload and increase your productivity by 80% grab the free playbook right here.


5. Time


Where is your time going? I’m going to hold my hands up here and admit that I am still a fan of the old time sheet when it comes to assessing this.

  • Write down what it is that you are doing every half an hour for a whole day then take a look at where your time is going.
  • Take a look on your phone at how much time you are spending on social media
  • Take a look at how much time you are spending marketing your business, doing administration or being creative
  • And be honest – assess where it is that you can reduce that amount of time.

Do you really need to spend so long marketing or can you batch and automate some of it?

Are you really spending time on social media scrolling rather than just posting and is that benefitting your peace of mind and well-being or would you rather spend that time creating results or being present with your children?


All of these tools are pretty basic but they provide us with a starting block to creating change – making our time work for us, making sure that we’re doing what really helps move things forward, giving us the space to know what we’re doing, where we’re going and when its work time or play time.


Give it a whirl, let me know what you think or how it’s affected your working practice, whether it’s been tough to implement or how much it’s helped, I love hearing from you.

And don’t forget – if you truly want to make a difference to your productivity, enjoyment of your life and work, your bottom line AND allow yourself to be more present with your children – get yourself the playbook!


All love



Motherhood can be quite the juggle but add a business into the mix and life can feel quite overwhelming. This guide will give you keys to help find balance in motherhood and business helping you prevent burn out, take care of your well-being as a mother, be there for your childrens needs and be effectively productive in your creative business. Click through for the goodness! | #mumpreneur #worklifebalance #selfcare #femaleentrepreneur #mumboss #parenting

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It can be a jungle to wade through and often our confidence can be knocked right out of the park but you don’t have to go it alone to finally feel you’re moving forward creating a business and a life that enhances your happy, let’s walk this path together (and stop to smell the flowers along the way!).

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