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I write about emotional well-being, holistic business and wild self expression for people who are seeking something in their life.

I also coach and mentor people.

But primarily I’m a compulsive creative and a proud mama to one lively little girl.

I'm a happiness engineer to creative women

Hey, I'm Kiki

if we want to truly come alive we need to create space for the magic, to see ourselves more, to love ourselves more and to enjoy ourselves - more.


Which is rather apt considering I’ve spent a large part of my life helping people become more so.

I grew up around London and the Cotswolds. Living on the outskirts of a big city reminds you how small you are, living in a small village reminds you how big the outside world is.

I’ve always been restless. My mind, my want to wander, my creative spirit none of these things like to rest or be in one place too long. I find it hard to hang pictures in the homes we live in no matter how much they settle my soul.

At 21 I discovered a rich family history that led revolutions in Burma, armies in Thailand, paved roads into China and a royal thread of extended Eastern family across the globe. It didn’t feel like mine. Until my daughter was born nothing ever really has.

That’s when things changed.

That’s when I became more me than I think I have been. That’s when so much didn’t matter anymore and the mundane became the most beautiful and sacred of moments to experience.

Seeing the world through your child’s eyes changes you, it makes life fresh again even through the fear and questioning of who you are as you relinquish the intoxicating life you used to live and person you used to be. Being a mother wakes the magic. And it stirred something within me. A want to cast off the storm clouds of minutiae, to drop the noise, the pretence, the unnecessary, the bullsh*t and to live life simply, beautifully and slowly on a daily basis.

Working as a coach and mentor means I’ve felt a lot of it. I question when 10k became the new benchmark for achievement and why the figure became bandied around as a priority over a person’s happiness. 

I’ve felt the repercussive weight of social media use intensely, I felt the disconnection with myself deeply enough to seek out tools to dissolve it all and be more present to life, my self and my girl.

And I’ve seen the landscape of how we interact with ourselves and each other change in the decade I’ve been a business owner.

It’s the noise, the minutiae, the pomp and fluff, the pre-determined benchmarks, the set goals, expectations, conformity and judgement that takes us further away from ourselves, further away from our integrity and further away from our joy.

And it’s that that I create for so that I, my daughter - and you too - can return to living our lives simply, beautifully, creatively and joyfully with out the weight of it all pinning our wings.

That’s what’s real to me. That’s what’s sacred. That’s what I believe gives us the more in our lives that we search for.

Our joy is rooted in our connection to our selves, our ability to be present enough to revel in the smallest of details or moments that catch our eyes and our hearts. Here’s to more of that.

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Hey I’m Kiki.
It means happy. 

M Y   M A I N   S Q U E E Z E S 

Walking in the rain
Slow living
Embracing imperfection but enjoying precision
Surrendering control
Connecting with my soul and intuition
Hot tea outside
Flowers - always flowers
Night time raspberry swaps (with my 3 year old!) and morning snuggles
Having the time to actually enjoy life and its details

All of these things make my heart beat faster and my smile grow deeper

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This is about realising who you truly are, how that uniquely informs your work and allowing that to help you build confidence, rid insecurities and make money from doing what you love, so you can live the life you want.

It's coming home to you.