I'm an artist, writer, mentor and educator you’ll usually be able to find me in the garden fingers plunged deep into the earth playing with flowers, or listening to saltwater music and painting from our Cotswold cottage.

I pretty much rock a mum bun everyday, I’m a passionate tea drinker, I’ve been in business for a decade and I get the whole self expression, being human and doing business thing. 

It can be a jungle to wade through and often our confidence can be knocked right out of the park but you don’t have to go it alone to finally feel you’re moving forward creating a business and a life that enhances your happy, let’s walk this path together (and stop to smell the flowers along the way!).

proud mama, slow living advocate, artist, writer and wannabe floral designer, keen tea drinker and detail oriented psychology nerd. And it's all of these things that have informed my life and my work.

As you can tell, being multi faceted and using it all is totally my jam.




I felt lost, insecure, disconnected from myself and my body and totally unsure of work and my worth

(even after a 8 years in business successfully promoting 4500 creative business owners... OUR PAST SOMETIMES DOESN'T MATTER A JOT)


Insecurity can be a really deep immersive well. It’s one I’ve taken a dive into many times throughout my life.

But never so much as when I first became a mother. When my sense of self was thrown into question along with my identity, my preferences, choices, ideals and values. Motherhood can be the rebirth of who we are as women as well as the beginning of your child’s life.

But it’s scary.

And if we face deep insecurity whilst pushing and hustling in our businesses - to make ends meet, to prove our worth, to find out who we are - it can be crushing.

I can hands down say I buckled under its weight until I couldn’t take anymore. I lost the love for my work, the belief in myself, my peace of mind and time with my child. Something I simply will not sacrifice again.

I spent the next few years finding my way, stumbling in the dark and grasping at straws that led me into spirituality, self development, into somatics, psychology, neuroscience, quantum physics and high performance.

And at the end of it I was exhausted. I craved nurturance, creativity, softening, surrendering to what my soul, my mind and my body wanted.

Armed with an understanding of myself and my self expression finally in the bag (after 25 years of looking for it!) things clicked and piece by piece the insecurities, the stress and the anxiety fell out of my life, my business and my body. And as quickly as my confidence rose, so too did my income.

I’m a slow living advocate because I notice small details. For the way I experience and navigate the world, the way I think, analyse and process - slow is best. It allows me to notice where connections may be missing, where we can tweak elements of our lives, work or process for more energy, enjoyment, progress and profit.

It also allows me to enjoy being present to sinking into my daughters embrace with my whole being, appreciating her expressions, humour and curiosity with full attentive presence and because I never want to miss a beat this matters.

And it matters to me that you get to enjoy the things that make your life a life loved, that make your time filled with joy, that you experience the feeling of accomplishment and contentment when your head hits the pillow each night (not only when you hit a goal) and that’s why I mentor.

To help people experience more joy in their lives and in their businesses through self connection, wellbeing and creativity.

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M Y   M A I N   S Q U E E Z E S 

Walking in the rain - a classic that still gets my heart happy
Slow living
Embracing imperfection but enjoying precision
Surrendering control
Connecting with my soul and intuition
Hot tea outside
Flowers - always flowers
Night time raspberry swaps (with my 3 year old!) and morning snuggles
Having the time to actually enjoy life and its details

All of these things make my heart beat faster and my smile grow deeper

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This is about realising who you truly are, how that uniquely informs your work and allowing that to help you build confidence, rid insecurities and make money from doing what you love, so you can live the life you want.

It's coming home to you.