July 20, 2019

A collective shift away from the noise and 3 tips to help clear it

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Have you ever felt like clearing the decks?

As though there’s just way too much noise and information coming at you and yet none of it you’re interested in getting involved in, sucked into the void of and you just want to return to a nice calm, safe space of doing what it is you love with your life?

Well my friend if you have then you and I just might be buddies.

We’re on the complete same wavelength and recently there’s been a real collective energy of renewal and rebirth in the air (or rather coming from the skies).

And whilst that can be slightly scary, and whilst I take some astrological translation with a dose of salt (because: free will) this is one whopper I have been feeling personally lately.

I know I’m in a stage of my life where things are changing, where we have new opportunities on the horizon, where I feel as though I just want to shed the crap and get right back narrowed in on what really matters.

I put this out on my Instagram stories this week and received so many messages from people who feel the same way.

But they also asked me how I separate myself from the noise, which is why I’m writing this post.

Because first and foremost I believe the most important thing you can do to know yourself well, to build your well-being and creative expression is to shut out that noise.

There are so many voices on the internet and social media it can be overwhelming and each one of those voices can cause us to call into question our own voice or opinion leaving us in a state of self doubt. Repeatedly conditioning ourselves to the point where it’s easy to feel as though our own opinions don’t actually even really matter.

They do.

So, how to get rid of the noise and return to sovereignty?

My top three.


1 . Ask yourself

“Is this really important to me” and ask that question when it comes to your inbox, who you allow into it, your space and environment, who or what you allow to happen in that space and importantly your mind.

It’s become so easy for us to get sucked down internet rabbit holes and before we know it we’ve forgotten why we got on there in the first place, who we are, what our opinions or beliefs on a topic are and then we end up thinking about things that don’t matter to us, that we don’t really care about and that fog us up for the things that really do mean something.

So set some boundaries. Journal over it. Clear your inbox, cancel your email subscriptions, unfollow everyone else and begin to follow yourself a little more clearly.


2 . Meditate

Every day, even if it’s just for 5 to ten minutes. Make it a practice, clear your mind and body of stressors, retrain your body and your hormones out of cortisol, out of fight or flight mode and into being relaxed, at ease, in flow and at peace. Believe me you’ll thank me for it.

Meditation is the single most effective thing (outside of working with a healer, coach or mentor) that you can do for yourself to upgrade your mindset, way of being, way of living, health and life because it helps you access your internal operating system or your subconscious. And when we do that we gain access to creating new states of being, fresh energy and a renewed zest for life. Minus the noise.


3 . Figure out what works for your energy

I realise that might sound like a cop out but really it’s not. I say this because everyone is different and because I’m not the kind of person who’s going to tell you to go get back into nature (although I personally love it) or go exercise (also great for clearing energy) or to try a new creative practice (which can also be refreshing) when it’s just not going to work for everyone. We’re all different and we all need different things on different days and times. But – those things I mentioned can help – just use them as tools, options you have to try if you are in a funk, or overwhelmed a little with all the noise.



I suggest meditation as your first point of call and if you fancy it you can find my easy breathwork meditation on my resources page on the website or linked here. It’s a whopping 7 minutes long and really just an entry into a meditational practice, it’s also guided so if you’re new to meditation then it’s nice and easy to follow yet still incredibly effective.

So, that’s guide to side stepping the noise that can consume us sometimes. If you fancy getting to know yourself more, figuring out what works for your mind, body, energy and life then again pop on over to my resources page where you can find two other playbooks that will help you cultivate your creativity and your well-being – it’s right here.


All love,

Hello, I’m Kiki-Sunshine An artist, writer, mentor and educator you’ll usually be able to find me in the garden fingers plunged deep into the earth playing with flowers, or listening to saltwater music and painting from our Cotswold cottage.

I pretty much rock a mum bun everyday, I’m a passionate tea drinker, I’ve been in business for a decade and I get the whole self expression, being human and doing business thing.

It can be a jungle to wade through and often our confidence can be knocked right out of the park but you don’t have to go it alone to finally feel you’re moving forward creating a business and a life that enhances your happy, let’s walk this path together (and stop to smell the flowers along the way!).

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