When joy literally lifts your feet

My kitchen was full with the smell of oranges this morning and as I looked out the window to the garden – fog filled the sky and our line of tree’s all covered in morning dew laying so heavy the leaves look weighted.

The smell and sight reminded me of Christmas – that the winter season is on its way and I am sure we only said a fond farewell to the summer yesterday.

Things move so quickly when we’re so busy with other things don’t they?

My mind has been preoccupied recently, getting so much into place – new coaching session programmes, new enrolment exercises, my new empowered woman workshop, new clients and new ways that I will be reaching out into the world with my work to help, touch and reach more people 

And it’s exciting.

Yet at times its so easy to feel the weight of it, its so easy to feel a little lost, a little less clarity than we were hoping for and to wonder whether any of it is going to make a jot of difference in the grand scheme of things.

But we keep going because that message on our hearts is heavy and the only way to transition it is to bring it into life, to create, to share and to keep moving, to keep reaching and keep communicating.

And then this happens:

You get a testimonial into your inbox that changes your energy, your gratitude, your out look, your mood and wakes you up with a spring in your step on a Monday morning feeling the warmth of family and home and everything feels so good and quite rightly, perfectly in its place – and I am certainly one for everything being in its place or I just end up feeling scattered.

But this – these words, they touch deeper than ever before, they speak of all of the hard work, they speak of all of the invested heart, they speak of results that I hadn’t even imagined happening so rapidly and I feel so humbled by the enormity of being able to help someone live a fuller, more joy filled life.

So I wanted to share these words with you. I was going to keep them until I launch the training but they’ve made a difference to me, delivered hope, delivered light, they encapsulate joy - so I thought they may bring something to you too.

WOW! What can I say! Kiki your training has been life changing, when I thought I was suffering from something that could not be worked on. 

I have been an avid personal development fiend this past few years, but no matter what book I read or seminar I went on that being positive thinking or meditation even, I just found that it was not really getting down to the core of me.

I can not believe that I am writing this after just a few days of listening to Kiki's training. I can honestly tell you that if you have any personal experiences with feelings over overwhelm then TRY THIS COURSE! Within a couple of days I started noticing a change in the intensity of the feelings I was having when it was building within me. I started also being more aware of the build up of feelings and triggers and was able to mentally and physically step back. My coping abilities feel stronger already.

I was diagnosed with Bipolar in 2009 and have suffered from depression, post natal depression alongside for the last 5 years now. It isn't something I focus on and have been working on for many years through personal development and therapies. Although I can say both have helped me with my mindset and uncovering things within me that are contributing, I have still had severe overwhelm periods if any mania is triggered that literally halts everything; from my business to personal hygiene my crashes can be crippling. I am usually so aware that I could go into one of these states I have even been blocking myself from taking anything on through fear.

So I thought why not give Kiki's training a shot, I really want to feel more in control and oh my! I can honestly say...and I am a skeptic after so many 'quick fix' things you see online... that I feel so positive about using Kiki's training everyday and I can not wait to see the next part that becomes available.

Kiki, THANK YOU! x With all my heart!” – Louise Vissen Jutson

And that’s all it takes isn’t it? One email to make it all feel so worth it, to bring you clarity, to take you away from the weight, from the worry and further into knowing that what you’re doing in the world, with your time and with your heart is right for you.

And right is how it should feel.

It doesn’t need to feel heavy, it doesn’t need to feel hard, we don’t have to let it be something that we no longer want to do or feel bad, worried or conflicted about and as I’ve said before – it gets to be easy when it feels right. Perhaps you may be thinking that things don't feel easy for you right now - but they can and it will when you align all that needs to find its place.

So as we move further into Autumn, with winter looming outside the windows I feel fresh, I feel renewed, I feel excited and as though somehow the season is just starting.

And I hope you’re feeling it too, the heady heat of the late summer seems to have passed, the air is crisp and light and every moment that passes could be the very moment when things shift into that place, when you clear all of the fog and gain the clarity that what you’re doing is going to get you where you want to be, it is going to have the impact that you envisioned, touch the hearts you wanted to touch and you are going to be filled with the joy that you craved.

And that really does feel like being wrapped up in a snuggly jumper on a crisp morning, deep in the belly of your warm loving home doesn’t it?