What the X Factor taught me

I know I know – some title right? And as much as you may be laughing right now about how cheesy the show is there is a teeny tiny part of you that knows it has some good intention right?

No? Just me?

Heres the thing. The X Factor started bloody years and years ago I mean seriously there are people on it who said it existed when they were babies (that makes me old) and admit it – you have at some point watched it – it was super popular for years and although it may be a bit convoluted the basis of it – as far as I see it – is that it’s a show that gives people a shot at their dreams.

Now I know the show takes people who aren’t so great at singing and puts them in front of a world stage and we laugh but my point is – those people are trying, putting themselves out there, giving it all they have because there is a small part of them that believes they were meant for more.

I could probably name 101 occasions where I could have put myself out there, been vulnerable in front of a number of people to get a shot at my dreams – but I didn’t take the chance, I was too shy or too wrapped up in my self doubt, my thoughts, my excuses and bs to put myself out there.

And I went to stage school as a kid – I was your all singing all dancing, stage show child who although shy – loved being out there on stage performing but speak in front of a group of people – no, step up and declare to the world or on national tv that this was what I wanted and own it? Not on your nelly.

I wasn’t that tapped into myself. I wasn’t owning it, I wasn’t embodying what I wanted enough to go hell for leather the way the people who audition do.

Love it or hate it – you have to have some respect for that right?

And you know what, just seeing those people putting themselves out there, waiting in line for hours and hours to get a shot at performing in front of the judges (waiting hours to get judged – doesn’t make that much sense does it?) and going for a shot at their dreams it gives me goose bumps and shivers.

And those goose bumps and shivers taught me so much about myself, about what I believe in and what I wanted to do with my business.

Sound weird? It was to me at first too – being so moved by this tv show which I know for a fact (hey my friend was in it so I know this is true) is created – it isn’t all just by chance they find these amazing singers.

But the fact was it moved me.

I’m going to be vulnerable with you here because I know you may laugh – at times it moved me past goose bumps and to tears.


Because to me there is nothing like witnessing the joy that people experience when they get a shot at their dreams.

For years I had no idea why I found watching the show so bloody emotional – I mean really – I’m with you in thinking it’s a total cheese fest BUT time and time I revisited the same feelings watching people go up there, get vulnerable, put their best foot forward and go for it.

And maybe I admired that because I didn’t have the confidence to do it myself.

But what I do know is that I have big respect for those people who do and there is nothing like watching people experience being close to their dreams.

Which is why I do what I do because to me there is nothing like helping people burst through the barriers that hold them back from their greatness, from their vision for their life and from being so ridiculously happy they want to get up and sing and get vulnerable and be fully expressed without giving a fig about what the rest of the world thinks because this – this dream – its theirs, its for them and that’s what’s important.

So that’s what the X Factor taught me about myself and my business - that if something could move me so much, it had to be a part of something that I do with my life and also that it’s about time that I absolutely owned and embodied the dream that I’ve been chasing – get out, get vulnerable and go for it.

So my friend, I’m inviting you today to do the same – I’m not asking you to totally stretch yourself and go out your door and sing although if the wind takes you please be my guest and make sure you record it and put it on Facebook for us all to applaud! But even if you have a smaller dream that moves you, that’s important to you, that you strive to make your reality, that moves you emotionally, get vulnerable with yourself today, get visible on line, tell someone what you want to do and start taking aligned action to get there – it may be closer than you think.