That pull in your heart isn’t going anywhere

Sometimes it can start as a nagging feeling, in inkling, niggling feeling that something doesn’t quite sit right, that something is missing.

Sometimes it builds into frustration, into anger, into confusion.

And sometimes it just leaves us feeling stuck, blocked in knowing how it is to move forward, to get to that vision of joy, of abundance or of completeness that we keep wrapped up, held tightly in our hearts, tucked away for safety.

But I want you to know that thing that is on your heart is your calling. It’s your message, your signal, your soul calling you forward to the place that you’re meant to be.

Yet we have all this stuff in the way.

The fear, the layers of conditioning, the everyday noise, the vulnerability that keeps us moving further away from that call and deeper into a mask.

But masks only hide things.

That pull in your heart isn’t going anywhere.

Those masks we use don’t keep us safe, they keep us stuck.

And the only way to become unstuck is to look inside, to accept the offer, to listen to that tiny voice that tells you you can do more, be more, deserve more.

Because you do.

 It took me 5 years to identify where it was I was stuck, what it was that I wanted, what my vision is for my future and to face the fear that I felt head on.

Time and time again throughout my life I’ve dipped in and out of fear, of feeling lack – not bright enough, not qualified enough, not beautiful enough, not deserving enough, not good enough.

And I’ll be honest, that fear sometimes still rears its head but now I know that I’m in control, now I know how to get around it, now I know that it’s only there to tell me that I’m heading in the right direction, stretching, growing and expanding.

I’ve learnt to listen to the tiny voice that guides me, to tap into my intuition, to see and acknowledge my full and true self – even the parts I’m uncomfortable with - and to step up because I know that the only person I was cheating out of the very best in shrinking as I did from fear – was myself.

Time is our most precious asset and I don’t want you to wait 5 years to find out what’s holding you back. So if you’d like to have a free totally no sales chat with me to find out where it is you’re stuck or what’s holding you back from achieving your vision then drop me a message, I’ll also give you three unique action steps tailored to your situation so you can start creating the life and results that you want today.

When you become conscious of what it is that is keeping you back, keeping you from your vision, your desire, your big goal or dream and remove those barriers – you’re able to start creating a future of your own choosing. It’s that simple.

All love.

Kiki x