Stop doing all the things

I’m going to get straight to the point here.

We need to stop doing all the stuff.

We’ve been conditioned into believing that the more we do the more results we will see.

This isn’t true.

What I’ve seen over the past few weeks (and much longer really) with all of my clients, some friends and people on social media too – is the want, the drive and the calling to move forward, to create more, have more, give more but each and every time we get stuck doing that with clarity and momentum in order to see the results that we want.

I spent years figuring this out myself – working on my business in varying degree’s of hustle and flow and yes whilst I agree that that is the way business will be – reflecting life’s ebb’s and flow’s – I no longer believe it takes hustle to get anywhere.

What’s more reflecting back – in all 5 of my businesses they have worked most successfully, delivered the most results when I stripped things back to basics and let them flow.

What really gets my passions flowing and anger rising is seeing so many people quite frankly running around like headless chickens trying to get somewhere with their talents, with their lives, their gifts and their businesses but pretty much going around in circles and that needs to stop!

Out of the 4,000 creative people I've worked through in my businesses at least more than 2/3rds of those people haven't been able to get the results that they want or their work deserves to see and that gets my juices flowing because somehow, somewhere along the line we were brainwashed into believing that it has to be a certain way - that it has to be hard.

It doesn't!

There is a way that works – there is a way that it gets to be easier BUT we believe that it should be hard, that we do have to work all the hours we can, that our minds should be preoccupied 24hrs a day – for it to be worth it when we finally get where we want – if we get there at all.

So I just want to ask you today to question that – question why you believe that it has to be hard work?

Question whether that belief is one of your own?

Question what it is you are doing with your day, where it is all your time is going and whether what it is that you are doing is delivering you the results you want to see and if its not – try something different.

Stop hustling, stop pushing, stop forcing things to be and I know you want things to be different than they are now, I know you want results but driving your self into the ground, into overwhelm, into exhaustion to create them isn’t the way.

We all got into running our own businesses for one reason – for the way it makes us feel - when we get results, when we experience the freedom of working independently, when we get to create without restriction, when we experience pride over our journey.

But that reward – that feeling – that pleasure is always taken away when we choose to do all the things that all the people on the internet are telling us to do.

So ask yourself – is what you are doing today in your work expansive? Does it feel good? Is it an action that will help you see results and move your business forward?


Is it contractive? Does it feel heavy, hard, is it an uphill struggle getting it done? Is that action going to help you see results or does the procrastination, lack of energy to get it done going to serve you today and your business tomorrow?

And choose.

There are two things that we need to work on on a daily basis in order to help our businesses grow – our visibility and our money making activity.

Let that land.

The two things you need to work on in your business daily is your visibility and your money making activity.

Outside of that being stuck in email-land for hours a day, scrolling and getting stuck on social media reconditioning ourselves with the must do, should do, have to do but don’t really want to do, with the comparison, the worry, the anxiety, the over analysing, the procrastination, the following self doubt, lack of confidence, the loss of momentum – none of that helps, none of that gives us clarity, none of that drives us forward, none of that gives us the confidence to communicate well and deliver the value that we want to deliver.

Outside of all of that noise it’s those two things that will move our businesses forward.

And considering we only really have 3.5 hours a day when our brains are super productive – we need to make that time count.

Cut out the noise, cut out what isn’t serving you, cut out what it is you think you have to do because so and so told you that it has to be done or that it worked for them because it may not work for you – find what it is that feels good, what it is that aligns with your heart, with your journey, with your vision for your business, find what gives you confidence, gets your passions rising and flowing – be sure that people can find you – be visible and work on making money in your business daily and you’ll move forward faster than ever before.