Your self worth determines your income

I've recently had to cut down my intake.
What I mean is my intake of information, of other people's opinions, of the noise, of all of the things that were making me feel: lost, stuck, trapped, disconnected, pressured, stressed and more of the above.
I'd felt that although I had given up doing all of the things, I was still in part not listening to myself, to my voice, to my intuition or doing what it was that I felt was going to work for me. I was still in part turning to others to guide me yet yearning to be back in touch with my own internal compass on a deeper level which kind of contradicts itself and made me feel unbalanced.
Now I'm going to pat myself on the back for this one.
It's not really something you hear people doing is it? Stopping doing, stopping taking guidance, silencing the noise so that they can hear themselves more.
And whilst I do highly encourage everyone to seek help, to work with a coach, to not be afraid of holding their hand up when things are hard - I also believe its super important to not feel swamped drowned or drained in the process AND to listen to your own integrity and instinct on the way.
Sometimes we forget to connect first and foremost instead we follow frameworks, suggestions, strategy and loose touch with our selves and our clients. Yet it's only in hearing ourselves that we're able to find clarity, an idea of what it is that we do want, what values we hold or provide to others and then we loose touch with how valuable we are, how valuable our work can be and loose confidence and self worth as a result.
I recently worked with a client who since starting coaching together has been able to raise her prices successfully twice, create her biggest week's income to date (15k) is booking more work than she had imagined possible and is planning to raise her prices again very soon. All because she was willing to look at her self, at her values and to live in integrity with them.
Feeling unworthy is a reflection of not valuing yourself or seeing clearly the value you can bring to others.
And if you value your self then you stop procrastinating on the things that you know will make you happy, will make a difference in your life, will help you become healthier or wealthier.
It also means you get to cut down your intake of noise, of other people's opinions and connect with your own internal guidance system and trust that to take you where it is you really want to go or produce the results you really want to produce.
So question if you're feeling as though you're living in full integrity with yourself? if you're still feeling swamped, drowned, unsure what to do for you or that will work for your business, if you're feeling a bit lost - stop saying yes and start saying no.
Prioritise you.
Make space.
Prepare yourself to create waves.
It's all the small things we do that create great change.
It's listening to your self, to what you really want, to what you value and what value you bring to others that kicks it all off.
And the best part yet – we get to make this choice or change whenever we want.
All love
Kiki x
P.S -
Bringing high value to others makes you valuable.
Being valuable brings higher income.
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