Releasing self doubt

Are you always going to question yourself?


Are you always going to hear a little voice that tells you not to, that you’re not good enough, not perfect enough, not adequate for the job at hand

Most likely yes.

We’ve all been conditioned for pretty much all of our lives by a society that makes money by telling us that we’re not enough, by telling us that we need to buy X,Y or Z product to be pretty enough, fashionable enough, to fit in, conform to be accepted and not judged.

But there’s a huge part of us that doesn’t want to fit in, there is a huge part of every one of us who knows that in actual fact, I am just fine as I am.

Yet we sit on that voice, stifling its whisper, not letting it out, not wanting to be judged, not wanting to be seen, afraid of what may happen when we open our hearts and arms to vulnerability.

And we silence it.

We silence our uniqueness, our individuality, our passion and keep secret the things that are in our hearts but what we don’t realise is that there are so many other people out there just like us, having the same doubts, the same fears, hell the same crazy thoughts – because we’re all human AF.

I’ve been sitting on my message for years. I’ve been keeping myself small, only eeking out parts of my heart, of what I want to do in this life, in this world from time to time and honest truth – its been painful.

It’s been painful because living a life that isn’t a full expression of who you are or what you want to do – that goes against what you want and what then feels great – to me that isn’t fully living, for me, it’s meant I held my head low, its meant I’ve felt sadness, pressure, stress, overwhelm, its meant I’ve felt and stayed very small, contained in my thought, not in my heart.

I want to live fully but what that means to me is getting out there (or here) and sharing, putting my vulnerability on the back burner rather than my passions, embracing each day with gratitude because hey I get to do what makes me happy, live where I want to live, do what I want to do, create what I want to create and it all feels so juicy.

There is a risk, one of being judged, misunderstood – something I’ve always been afraid of since bullying at school and hey well after school too.

But the drive, the spark, the passion, the message, the mission, my vision for my life – it’s stronger and more important to me than all of the noise, thoughts, worries and implied conformity and its been a hell of a ride getting to this point, but no more.

This, I, my life, my wants and desires for myself and for my family, they come first above the noise and although I know this will always be a work in progress but I’m allowing it to fall away.

And I invite you to join me too.

Cut out the noise, the pressure, you know where it’s coming from.

Create habits that cultivate your joy, that don’t make you feel so much pressure,

Listen to the voice that shows your self doubt and tell it your truth, ask why its calling to you and where those why’s are coming from,

Ask if those why’s are in fact your own beliefs and radically change your mind because your heart knows that your passion, your voice is worth so much more than adopting someone else’s beliefs.

Separate your self from the noise.

Stand strong in your truth.

And know that you are perfect just as you are in this moment.