Radical Creativity: We are all creatives

I’ve spent my life learning how to make things, from drawing to painting, from jewellery through to hair accessories, from Hats through to photographs, from tattoos through to businesses. 

And I consider all of it to be my art.

An expression of the ideas, the sparks, the thoughts and emotions that crossed from my mind and heart, from the metaphysical to the physical. 

But underneath all of that is the human need to connect, to communicate, to share. 

Today I use words more than I ever have to do that to create connection with the people around me, to inspire, to share, to embrace and to expel all of the whirling thoughts that either cross my mind or filter down from my higher self as i channel these messages through. 

It’s occurred to me that this process, whilst inherent to the human race, to who we are and our basic human needs - is one that means a hell of a lot to me. 

It’s something that’s fascinated me, it’s simple, it’s complex, it’s orchestrated, it’s beautiful and it’s different for everybody.

I’ve worked with 4,000 creative business owners throughout the time I have had my own businesses and with that I’ve had the chance to witness first hand the many different ways that creativity takes form, that the want to connect, to be seen or heard, to be loved, to communicate, to be appreciated, understood, to resonate and to be paid and acknowledged takes shape.

And in each case it’s incredibly unique.

It’s like a snowflake.

It isn’t only our stories, our experiences that make us unique, it’s the way we choose to express ourselves, it’s the filtering of ideas, the sparks of electro energy that we pluck from oblivion and bring into reality, no two ever being identical. 

That’s Beautiful. It’s exquisite.

It’s part of the fragility of human nature and it’s why I believe so much in everyone I work with because this - this isn’t just creativity - this isn’t just the human need to connect - this is a driving force, an energy that can be unstoppable given momentum, it’s equivalent to a bird needing to fly, a butterfly stretching and flapping its wings, a dog having to run. It’s in our nature it’s within us to expel and express to create and connect. 

And it deserves a moment of appreciation. It deserves being coaxed out past the barriers we put in the way to keep us safe.

We have the power and choice to pluck out those ideas those moments and turn them into innovation, into art, into architecture, into stories that touch the hearts and minds or millions of people, into movies, into families into culture. 

Or we can turn our creative ideas internally, into friction, into negativity, into war.

The creative process at work is of divine nature. So what a blessing that we get to choose to channel it, to use it, to decide which form it’s going to take for us - and for those forms to give back to us. 

Fascinating and slightly mind blowing. 

Whatever it is you’re creating whether it’s your own art, your reality, your best ever relationship, your business, your self love or just dinner. Choose to do it consciously - remember the process at work behind it - our human want to connect and come back to your own humanity, this singular moment in time where we are all creating on some level and I bet you’ll feel much more grounded, grateful and able to take that energy into the creations ahead.

Radical creativity means that we get to choose to design not only our art, not only that which is considered artistic but we get to design our lives, our experiences and our future and isn't that incredible?