Permission follows surrender

I think the biggest struggle we can face sometimes is allowing ourselves to be present - right now in this moment.

All too often we get caught up in the do mode, in the habit of being busy, being occupied, pushing, striving, hustling to create change, to create results.

I want to be abundant, I want to be rich, I want to be successful, I want to be happy.

But the busy doesn’t address the inner work, to get to hear our true message, to begin to appreciate our wholeness, the busy doesn’t give us chance to just breathe and breathe enough to become because it places control, it places a block, it places a cap on what it is we’re capable of because it distracts us to only see one singular prize, goal or destination.

And the trouble with having that destination is that we hold off being happy, we keep ourselves from feeling into the achievement and the greatness until we can get there, until we’ve finally reached our goal.

I will be happy when.., I will be abundant when.., I will be successful when...

But what if that goal, the when, doesn’t happen?

What if that goal was never supposed to be where we end up?

What if there is another route, another plan, another goal – an even greater destination which is what you’re headed towards but you can’t see it because you’re too busy looking the other way?

What if instead of controlling, instead of hustling, instead of striving you surrendered, what if whilst still taking inspired action you went against your conditioning, you went against what may even be comfortable and stepped into a space of flow allowing greatness to signal, allowing yourself to see opportunity, appreciating what already surrounds you because you can finally see what is in it’s fullness, not what it should be.

What if we surrender to something not happening for us because its just not meant to be that way and in doing so we create the space for something new to come into our lives, we create the space for something even greater to occur, we create the space for what was meant for us to finally find its home.

And what if we gave ourselves permission to not only surrender but to see the whole horizon of opportunities in front of us, not just this one road to this one goal but the whole array of choices that are there for you because you gave yourself permission to stop hustling, to surrender and to look at what already is inside and around you pointing you in the direction of greatness, of happiness and of choice.

What if that were true?

It was true for me. I kept pushing in my business, hustling in one direction, focusing on only one thing to bring me abundance, to bring me joy, to bring me X,Y and Z when I forgot that inside of me was a voice trying to show me the way, trying to show me my truth, trying to get me to hear that I should be following my highest excitement, the things that I am passionate about and obsessed with in my life - not this strategy or that or in the footsteps of someone else's story.

And it was hard for me to accept that yet again - when the chips are down and the tears are falling and frustration surrounds you find surrender, you find a moment to breathe, you find the pathway that leads to the open horizon.

When I refocused, when I created space to hear that voice things began to flow - my inspiration, my abundance, my happiness - right now. Not way into the future but at the very moment I made the choice to change my focus from the goal, the destination to the right now, to the what already, when I gave myself permission to do that, to make that choice, to follow my heart, to appreciate my self things shifted in to a space I had created, into a place they had alway wanted to be, into a place of opportunity, into belonging.

I want you to know that you are unique, that you are perfect, that you are as we all are – just in progress and that that is totally ok. I want you to know that you are safe to listen to that small voice in your heart that calls you, the one that you keep denying because of X, Y, Z reason because whatever occurs always occurs to benefit you, there is no such thing as failure.

Give yourself permission.

Permission follows surrender.

All love.

Kiki x