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It’s a beautiful bright morning this morning, the kind of morning where you know that although the sun is out, although the light is bright and warm, you’re going to need that extra autumnal layer when you step out the door.

Mornings like this make me feel so excited about how the day is going to unfold and I’m enjoying the nip in the air and the seasonal change this year, it feels like there is a promise in the air of something good to come, of a new beginning as mother nature changes cycle from bloom to snug.

Yesterday I shared with you how my life has changed over the past year and a half, how I’ve been able to step back into feeling my true self – connecting with the parts of me that I had perhaps thought lost to the girl who played with abandon and curiosity, reserve and over thinking becoming more prevalent as I grew older.

But the truth is the things that were inherent to who I really am, to my essence, those things that light me up – they were just hidden under the layers I had covered them with over the years to keep me safe.

And we all do it. It’s just a part of our growth, our conditioning, our natural response. 

So I thought today I would share with you how MAP has also changed the lives of some of my clients and share with you how although we all have so many different and unique experiences – we’re really just on the same path, the path to finding our true self, expressing our hearts and being in joy.

I've had 2 sessions using this method and can't recommend them enough.. I'm not being over dramatic when I say it's literally changed my life.

We addressed an issue that I had been hurting over since I was very little. It had started to affect my confidence and my work. Although I love what I do, it was starting to affect how I was approaching my business and relationships too and I was becoming despondent.

After our sessions things have SO drastically changed in so many areas. My business, my personal life and myself. I feel so much freedom and so much more confidence to be me. This was an issue that I didn't really understand how it was relating to everything else in my life and going through it with Kiki has really made the world of difference” – Maxeen Kim Duncan


After just 1 short session with Kiki I feel really energised and positive. We tackled some tricky things that I felt I had totally lost control over. The last week I have seen a huge difference in my behaviour and choices and the results are snowballing. It's amazing!” – Angela Nemeth Perz


Wow well what can I say amazed, incredible truly life changing !

For the last 5 years I've been soul searching trying to reach deep into my core and extract the unwanted . It began when I set up my business, the push and drive, the self belief the courage to turn myself inside out and upside down to better myself in order to produce exceptional work and serve my customers from the heart and to sustain love and balance in my family . 

But there was just one door I couldn't find the keys too and this was trust in others. So no matter how far I came I often felt yanked back to a place that no longer served the vision of where my heart belonged.<

MAP has had the most profound effect on me getting to the core of my issues which were holding me back in both business and relationships. The need to protect myself has led to me previously closing down, not taking advantage of great opportunities and advancing my business. MAP has not only reduced my anxiety but its helped me to connect with people close to me, its heightened my intuition to a level that has blown me away, opened doors of realisation that I thought had no key and left me feeling liberated and empowered.

I now trust listening to my internal voices, my higher self that I was already tapped in to but I now experience in full HD – the dreams, the awakening, the insight, the love, the possibilities I see them all now and the view looks exceptional. I’m blown away. Highest respect Kiki, thank you x” – Catherine Hunter


WOW! What can I say! Kiki your training has been life changing, when I thought I was suffering from something that could not be worked on. 

I have been an avid personal development fiend this past few years, but no matter what book I read or seminar I went on that being positive thinking or meditation even, I just found that it was not really getting down to the core of me.

I can not believe that I am writing this after just a few days of listening to Kiki's training. I can honestly tell you that if you have any personal experiences with feelings over overwhelm then TRY THIS COURSE! Within a couple of days I started noticing a change in the intensity of the feelings I was having when it was building within me. I started also being more aware of the build up of feelings and triggers and was able to mentally and physically step back. My coping abilities feel stronger already.

I was diagnosed with Bipolar in 2009 and have suffered from depression, post natal depression alongside for the last 5 years now. It isn't something I focus on and have been working on for many years through personal development and therapies. Although I can say both have helped me with my mindset and uncovering things within me that are contributing, I have still had severe overwhelm periods if any mania is triggered that literally halts everything; from my business to personal hygiene my crashes can be crippling. I am usually so aware that I could go into one of these states I have even been blocking myself from taking anything on through fear.

So I thought why not give Kiki's training a shot, I really want to feel more in control and oh my! I can honestly say...and I am a skeptic after so many 'quick fix' things you see online... that I feel so positive about using Kiki's training everyday and I can not wait to see the next part that becomes available.

Kiki, THANK YOU! x With all my heart!” – Louise Vissen Jutson


If any of these testimonials speak to you, hit reply and lets talk.

You do not have to settle, suffer in silence, resign yourself to being able to live out your dream in 1 year, 2 years, 5 years or perhaps accepting that you will not get there at all - whether your dream is financial abundance, whether its loving to Fiji, loosing weight, self love, whether its having more clients and more control in your business, getting in touch with who it is you are and what you want from your life, or having better relationships - it is ALL possible for you. Reaching out is a strength.