The lesson is in the space

As I listen to the rain beating against my window this morning I’m reminded of the sunrise I saw a few hours earlier creeping through the gap in the curtains into our bedroom.

I’m reminded of my little one as she stretched and smiled on seeing me, coming over for a cuddle, to snuggle up and snooze and nurse for a while.

And gradually I become reminded of all the noise, all of the things I should do today, all of the things I have on my list and all of the things that I’m also not feeling called to do.

You might laugh at me when I tell you that recently I only work on what it is that feels good – on what it is that lights me up, that feels aligned – I tried pushing and hustling in the other direction and that just left me feeling empty, tied in knots and exhausted so I surrendered.

I surrendered to living in my joy and doing those feel good juicy things that wake you up inspired not filled with dread. I surrendered to allowing myself the time and space to trust that everything is perfect, that everything finds its place and has its time to work for us.

Because everything is working for us.

Even those things we deem as failures that teach us the biggest lessons work for us, even those things that are uncomfortable – especially those things – they work for us in pushing our limits, our comfort zones, our barriers, inviting us to places that will help us move forward, that will help us expand, that will help us grow.

 I used to be afraid of those spaces. The unknown felt somehow so dark but when I braved facing them – the light filtered through all areas of my life. And don’t get me wrong it takes some work, it takes getting uncomfortable, it takes revisiting things that I had hidden, it takes facing my self warts and all and it takes being reminded that I am just human AF – aren’t we all.

Recently I’ve been consistently reminded to go slow.

We’ve all become so used to controlling, to pushing, to hustling and as technology has become faster we’ve become more impatient wanting that quick fix to happen, wanting that end result to arise, wanting this tough phase to be over.

But if you can allow yourself to sit in the space in between we find the peace, the silence, the grace and we find the medicine that we needed to receive to show up fully in the destination we are headed to. 

And you’ll find that the destination was so much more worth waiting for when you do arrive and you will because you were meant for big things.

We loose trust in our selves in our journey’s in our voices and in our hearts so easily but when we take time to go against what we’ve been taught, to embrace the space, to slow down and push against our comfort zones even in the smallest of ways we rediscover who we were meant to be and that’s when we get to stop the hustle, that’s when we get to flow with ease, that’s when our destination finds us instead of us pushing walls to get to it, that’s when the going gets really good.