It gets to be so much easier

I got so pissed off at all the things. 

All of the things I had previously invested my trust, time and money into.

All of the marketing spiel, get rich quick schemes, empty promises and noise, overwhelming message of inadequacy, of lack and of feeling as though I could never be enough or find the energy to climb the steepest stair case to get there.

I've had 4 previous businesses to this one that used the online space for marketing (except for the first who literally only got a Facebook business page the year we ended trading because they hadn't previously existed).

And with each of my 4 businesses I believed that it got to be easy. 

And eventually it did.

I went from spending 12 hours a day to working just a few hours a day on the same business. 

I figured out how to smash out my marketing, deliver my message, get hundreds of monthly new enquiries all without all of the heartache.

But when I looked up I saw others breaking their backs trying to make their businesses reach the heights they wanted them to reach, I saw people feeling the pressure, that overwhelming crush of self doubt and inadequacy and procrastinating over what to do because hey it's supposed to be a struggle, its supposed to make you hustle, its supposed to be hard right? 


Looking back at when my businesses were operating at their full capacity, when they were making the most money, when I got to enjoy them the most – it was always at a time when I believed that it got to be easy, when I knew that there was a way I wanted to run them that worked for me, for my personality, for my lifestyle and the one that I wanted to have. 

But then I fell pregnant. And hormones do the weirdest things to you. 

I stopped trusting my own skills, my knowledge, my self and looked outside for all of the answers again. I went through extreme amounts of self doubt, of questioning, of lack of confidence, over analyzing, procrastinating, mis-alignment and I hit rock bottom.

But of course the only way was back up.

And on my journey back up I've learnt many lessons that I had previously learnt but just hadn't taken any notice of – because of course – that's the medicine that I needed to feel in my full strength and power again. 

But the one residing overwhelming message that keeps coming through is that it gets to be easy. 

And I believe it whole heartedly. 

It gets to be easy when you know your self so well you can separate from the noise, from the thought, from the emotions, from the self doubt, from the criticism, from the procrastination. 

It gets to be easy when you're willing to face what lays beneath the surface making you think that it has to be hard. 

It gets to be easy when you hit the point where you're so fed up too, when you're unsure what to do, when you know in your heart that there is an easier way to do business, to live your life, to strive for your vision. 

I don't believe any of us need to suffer with self doubt, I believe we get to have the wisdom to know how to step out of it when it arises. 

I don't believe any of us need to accept the status quo of the old way of working, hustling, grinding, pushing until we're so exhausted we can't enjoy let alone reap the rewards we wanted.

I don't believe we need to live with the lack of confidence that we all experience from time to time that falls in on us, crushing our spirit, our passion or our energy for business or life. I believe we get to know the root causes of that, to see it and choose to change it.

And I don't believe that finding a new way that works for us, for who we are and what we want uniquely, individually has to be hard. Yes its different so it's a little scary sometimes but did you know that fear and excitement are so similar in energy that we get to choose which of the two we experience?

I chose excitement because I had been living with fear for too long. Fear it wouldn't happen for me, fear of sharing my voice online, fear of showing up, fear of not being enough, fear of not knowing enough.

I'd had enough of all of it.

So I chose to find excitement, energy for my work, a different route to making it work and getting there in a way that suited me, my family and my lifestyle. 

And find it I did.

I'm running the Empowered Woman workshop this September to share what I've learnt with you.

It's a transformational, immersive experience for female business owners who want to step into their own confidence and power, reignite their passion, energy and momentum.

We'll be taking those emotions that hold you back, that constrict your voice, your visibility, your power, your confidence and your results and turning them up side down.

- I'll teach you how to find your go to switch that restricts your progress, momentum and results

- I'll also help you rewire that switch so you can create a new vision and build the path to reaching it liberated from constraint

- I'll help you reignite your passion, enthusiasm and love for what it is that you do so you can reclaim your excitement to create 

- And I'll help you break through disempowering beliefs and self doubt so you can step in to owning the inner fire that will carry you to success

The only question is are you finally ready to say enough is enough 
and let it all be so much easier?

If so, I would love you to join me.

The workshop is intimate, the break throughs you will get are only possible in an in person format (that I only usually offer in my VIP 1:1 days for £2950), it is a one off event and it WILL give you break through transformational results that will take you to new heights in your business and your life.

If you're new to business or if you've been in business for a while and just want to break through and feel how you know you can, lets talk. I don't want to see anyone struggling with their online business, their results, break throughs, self doubt, or lack of confidence any more - I know first hand how crippling it can be and I know a way out that I want to share with you.

Oh and if this does resonate with you - there is also an earlybird offer for those that book before midnight next Thursday September 7th so you get £750 of bonuses absolutely for free that will give you the breakthrough, support, knowledge, clarity and direction to carry you forward post event and well in to your future too.

All love

Kiki x