Own your power

All too often we give our power away.

Yet we’re unconscious that we’re doing it.

The trouble is that results in feeling lost – in disconnection with our selves, it results in feeling a lack of control, lost confidence, deep self doubt, questioning and a long to be somewhere different.

Yet the more we feel that way the deeper we get stuck into it, conditioning our selves with this being the new normal even when we want it to be far from that.

I hadn’t realised until recently just how much of my power I had been giving away and how much effect that has had on my life and my state of mind.

The habits that we repeatedly give ourselves on a daily basis change how we feel, how we’re able to move forward, what we’re able to call in and how we’re able to interact with not only others but in our own lives.

And it reflects on our businesses too.

We feel limited, restrained, stuck, unable to start the business, unable to attract ideal clients, unable to reach the income that we desire or feel the joy we want to feel which then causes more self doubt, more questioning, more insecurity in our own talents and abilities and it spirals.

What can start with a worry or fear can end in crashing confidence and worst case, business closed.

The trouble is then it still continues – even without the business the self doubt, the lack of connection, the loss of control will remain.

We don’t realise that we have the power to choose, to make choices in our life that ok may seem miniscule on the grand scheme of things but have an effect on the whole.

And just as a butterfly’s wings have the power to affect a tornado, our small decisions have the power to affect our overall results in life.

So say if you want success in your business and to attract more clients yet you put off your daily visibility or money making activities or further still the exercise that will give you the energy and focus to get those things done.

You feel disconnection with your self but you put off activities that reconnect you with your self, don’t give yourself the love or time for self care, for reconnection, for finding the confidence and knowledge in yourself once more.

You want to feel more confident, to feel empowered but you give away your control to things that make you feel comparison, doubt, worry, anxiety even.

And I know – none of us do it on purpose which is why coaching is so powerful – it brings your awareness to the things that we are unconscious to, the things that we can’t see are causing us to feel a certain way or get certain results.

But if we want to be in control of our lives, if we want to be conscious of what’s really happening, if we want to get the results that we say we want to get – we need to be aware that taking the easier options, the comfortable options, the default options that aren’t always going to get us where we want to be.

So take a look at your habits, take a look at what you are doing on a daily basis, take a long look at your to do list and what it is really making you feel because often these things can be the cause of procrastination in themselves.

Choose the small steps that will build the whole, choose to feel good, choose to prioritise what’s important to you – not what you’re told is or should be, not what you’re conditioned to believe and not out of guilt and above all – choose these things so that you can be true to you. You - the powerful person that you are that has the ability to touch and change lives, that has the power to design your own reality, your own experience, to realise your own dreams.

It is not our fault we have been socialised or conditioned into this – but it is in our power to choose otherwise.

All love.

Kiki x