Creators of Magic

I've never really been that sure of what it was I wanted or was meant to do.

I've been pulled by the hair, floated with the winds, wandered seeking trying to uncover to find a purpose, a road, a route to the bottom of it all.

And even though I've been called and have a mission in my heart to share I still don't believe that we have to only have one passion, one interest, one route our creativity takes to be born into the world.

Creativity does after all seep through our veins, touching all that we do with its brush.

A touch against the skin, a considered moment to breathe, an intentional placing, a consciously created meal, the ability to take in a view with new eyes, breathing appreciation into your cells, being alight with the art that life brings into us that we're then able to translate back into the world via our filtered lens.

And no matter what tools, which medium you use to translate the drive that pulls you to express, the spark is always the same - that of creativity igniting a flutter, propelling us forward.

My chosen tools have varied from pencil, to camera, from tattoo ink to paint, from written word to curated events, stitched silks to conscious coaching, yet every single one though so varied in texture - just another medium of expression.

So here's to the multi passionate, to embracing whatever pull is on your heart, to owning the fire that ignites your energy driving it forward to make, to create because it takes pulling our hearts, our lives through our own lens, to put our experience into a piece of work and that's true bravery.

That's a strength to be proud of.

That's the creators magic.

What you bring to the world is a unique light, a filter of your own life, voice, being, energy, your own passion, ideas, creativity all telling a story no one else can.

And for that I applaud you - see even when it feels gut wrenching to put something out into the world, it takes more courage and determination to put yourself, your heart and energy through the eye of a needle to create it. And if you have that strength in your heart to face your self, to extract your past and put it into a product, a service, a meal or encounter then you have the strength to with stand holding it high for the world to share.

So share.

Hold it high.

Be proud, strong and know that your message will reach others with more impact from its creation, from its intention and the energy you put into it will be felt and brought right back to you once more.


All love

Kiki xo