Give yourself grace

We all want what we put our focus on as soon as possible right?

To bring into fruition, to see our vision become our reality, to reap the rewards and experience that feeling of fullness, of pride, joy or achievement in the now.

And it’s what makes things worth striving for knowing that that reward, that feeling that will fill us is at the end of it.

But along the way we forget to enjoy the journey, along the way we forget to aknowledge the small changes that turn into those giant leaps that we’re headed for, along the way we forget to give ourselves grace.

But a tree doesn’t drop all of its leaves at once in a bit to refresh and renew itself, equally it doesn’t grow new shoot’s all at once either.

If you want to make changes in your life, if you want to achieve that big vision, income or impact – you’ve got to take it one step at a time.

And if it’s micro steps – even better, it means you get to micro-step on purpose, with intention and consciously choose which destination you get to go to next or where you place your next footstep.

A little like those old choose your own adventure books (which I always used to cheat at reading the first page of either adventure before choosing because – well even then I wanted to know what I was getting myself in for!). 

Allow yourself to be grateful for the small achievement’s you’re making towards the whole.

Allow yourself to be grateful for the progress you’ve made, for the intention’s you’ve set, for each carefully placed decision, footstep, opportunity to try again.

Allow yourself grace for all that you are, desire and are already creating from moment to moment by just being.

That really is the magic.